The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) is giving students the opportunity to brush up their design skills and prepare for higher education this Summer with its workshops and design intensives. All free of charge for pre-college students, DIDI’s Design Clinics, Design Intensives and workshops promise to inspire, encourage unusual ideation and get participants working on real world design problems.

DIDI’s all-encompassing workshops look at the vast spectrum of design and students can learn about coding, packaging design and sustainability within design. DIDI’s Design Clinics will also run throughout July and look at a range of different design topics including fabric dying, product reinvention and prototypes. Not to be missed is DIDI’s signature workshop, Solving a Wicked Problem, with Associate Dean Hani Asfour. Participants will learn about the 7-step approach to design thinking to solve the problems that have no easy or preconceived solution.

Listings Information:

All workshops, clinics and design intensives will take place at DIDI, Building 4, Dubai Design District. To reserve your place at these free pre-college workshops, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as spaces are limited.

Design Clinic: Experimental Fabric Dying

This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to experimental fabric dying techniques, different fiber types, dying methods and how to experiment with color.

Date:                     July 7th

Time:                10am – 12pm

Design Clinic: Design Thinking - Kitchen Reinvention

This workshop will encourage design thinking for innovation and problem solving for real world problems as participants will be asked to reinvent kitchen tools in a way they never thought possible. 

Date:                     July 7th

Time:                10am – 12pm

Design Intensive: Solving a Wicked Problem

Experience the DIDI 7-step approach to design thinking to solve wicked problems - problems that have no easy or preconceived solution. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn a range of brainstorming techniques, how to create prototypes and discover how design thinking is an effective, transferable method for addressing any difficult situation.

Date:                     July 8th – 12th

July 22nd – July 26th

Time:                10am – 2pm

Write Your First Code

From apps, the internet, virtual reality, to 3D printing, programming can provide an expressive design medium to solve problems and create new experiences. This workshop will explain the world of coding for designers and help them to get started in programming. Please bring with you a laptop and pre-loaded USB stick with the software that it sent to you on sign up.

Date:                     July 14th

Time:                10am – 12pm

Printing Matter(s)

An exploration of 3D printing; past, present and future this workshop provides a critical overview of the processes and applications of 3D printing through objects, films, demonstrations and talks.

Date:                     July 15th – July 21st

Time:                Open daily 8am – 6pm

Design Clinic Packaging Across Cultures

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about the importance of packaging design for global distribution as well as exploring the many different roles of packaging design for the commercial market. Participants will be tasked with designing and prototyping packages suitable for different products, markets and users in diverse cultures. 

Date:                     July 16th

Time:                10am – 12pm

Design Intensive: Living on Mars

A 3-day workshop, participants will get the chance to develop concepts of habitation on the Red Planet, envisioning and creating sustainable settlement proposals which enables humans to survive and create new civilizations in space. The goal of this workshop, is to research and analyse possible scenarios and integrate sciences, architecture, art and many other disciplines to tackle the concept of living on Mars. Over the 3 days, students will be introduced to design processes and methodologies, which they will learn, adapt and use throughout the entire workshop.       

Date:                     July 17th to 19th

Time:                10am – 2pm

Order Rhythm Pattern

This workshop will teach participants the importance of scale when creating patterns for special effects. Learn how to unleash your inner creativity whilst learning about the importance of working in a micro scale to develop a macro product.

Date:                     July 21st

Time:                10am – 12pm

Textile Toolbox: Sustainable Design Strategies

Discover the TED Ten, a set of sustainable design strategies for the fashion industry that supports innovative thinking and action. This workshop will explore the TED Ten cards of sustainability initiatives and help designers to unlock their potential for sustainable fashion.

Date:                     July 28th

Time:                10am – 12pm

Design Clinic: Volumetric Prototyping

A hands-on workshop exploring volumetric prototyping with Hernan Hoentsch, Lab Manger and product designer.  Moving through the design process, participants will conceptualize, ideate, and create volumetric prototypes of their own design while exploring shape, proportion, materials, and prototyping techniques.

Date:                     July 30th

Time:                10am – 12pm


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