Rabdan Academy announced that the new academic year 2019/2020 will start tomorrow 18 August and will witness the launch of the Master of Science in Policing and Security Leadership Program for the first time in the UAE. The Academy specializes in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management sectors, in Abu Dhabi, and is witnessing a huge turnout from students applying for its programs.

The Academy comprises a variety of degrees and specialisations including: Master of Intelligence Analysis, Bachelor of Homeland Security, Bachelor of Business Continuity Management, Bachelor of Integrated Emergency Management, Bachelor of Policing and Security, and Crime Scene Diploma.

The Academy pays great attention to modern science, knowledge and skills, which contribute to the qualification of young Emiratis to join the (SSDEC) safety, security, defense, emergency and crises domain, in the military, security and civil sectors. This works to achieve the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership in securing a bright future for generations to come.

The Academy revealed that it will offer Master of Science in Policing and Security Leadership in the new academic year 2019/2020. The Program will provide the theoretical foundations and applied skills necessary for students to undertake their tasks as successful leaders in policing and security after graduation.

The new curriculum consists of core subjects including Human Rights and Ethical Policing, Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning and Partnerships, Policing and Community Safety, Strategic Financial Management, International Police Operations, Research Methods in Policing and Security, and Operations Leadership, as well as a research project for graduation.

The Master of Science in Policing and Security Leadership aims to provide graduates with theoretical skills, knowledge and practical ability to lead security and policing operations at high performance levels, including organised crime, operational leadership, community safety and strategic financial management.

“We continuously keep pace with the rapid changes in scientific and vocational education, through the use of the latest specialised research and the development of advanced educational programs, in addition to the development of various academic programs on a continuous basis. This works to meet the requirements of our strategic partners, and contribute to supplying them with qualified cadres in the safety, defense, security, emergency preparedness and crisis management sectors,” said Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, Vice President of Rabdan Academy.

“The academic year 2019/2020 will witness the commencement of the new Master of Science in Policing and Security Leadership Program, which prepares graduates to high positions as innovative and empowered leaders ready to maintain public and national safety in policing and security. It also prepares them for leadership in all institutions as they continue to enhance their skills, their teams and their institutions,” added Al Ayyan.

Al Ayyan stressed that the Academy adheres to the highest local and international standards, in addition to using the latest specialised equipment in the fields of safety, defense, security, emergency preparedness and crisis management, in training and educating students. He highlighted that the Academy welcomes all students to apply for its programs and take part in shaping the future of the UAE.

Source: hattlan