Golden Age Institute (GA), language specialists in Dubai since 2012, have launched a 30-day language learning challenge that opens the doors of the Institute in Swiss Tower, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lakes Towers to people of all ages and backgrounds to attend a language class free of cost once a week from September 15 to October 14. The 30-day period will include 4 classroom tuition free of cost combined with fun activities between classes every day to enhance participants’ learning.

Khaled Boudemagh, Managing Director of Golden Age Institute says,’ We have all along offered cost-free tutorial for people interested in expanding their language capability. This is part of our corporate social responsibility as a language teaching institute. This time we are undertaking a marathon engagement with the community and our palette is bigger. We will offer courses in Arabic, French, and Spanish. Language Challengers are encouraged to opt for weekly lessons in one language only to have more focus and get better results. Between classes participants will be challenged to undertake a daily task to improve their capability in the language. This could be a posting on social media, engaging in a conversation, or ordering in the language selected at a restaurant among others. The daily challenge will be posted on our website

The website has a form to apply for participation in the 30-day challenge at

The classes are for beginners and will be conducted once a week throughout the month while the daily challenge will need to be undertaken and every completed task will carry points. The top scorers will be rewarded with free courses depending on their scores.

“We were inspired by the 30-day Fitness challenge that has already taken place in Dubai and with others being announced for the season ahead. In a multi-cultural environment like Dubai, knowing new languages opens avenues. Our team of teachers are qualified and experienced native speakers. Our courses are participative and interactive so that everyone gets involved in their learning. The course materials are multimedia with textbooks, flashcards, audio/ video and mobile application.’ Khaled added.

About GA Institute: GA Institute was founded in 2012 in Dubai, UAE. Its objective is to assist students to speak foreign languages fluently: Arabic, English, French and more. Languages are taught from the lowest to the highest level of proficiency and short-term as well as long-term courses are organised. GA Institute teachers are all Native speakers with language teaching experience.


Source: The Revelation Consultancy PR