Al Najah Education has announced that its British curriculum school, Horizon English School, has appointed Mr. Ian Wallace into the permanent position of Headteacher, effective from the 22nd of November 2018.

Mr. Wallace has been part of the Horizon English School family for the past five years, and at the forefront of the school’s strong performance in the most recent annual KHDA inspection.

Mr. Raza Khan, CEO of Al Najah Education, says: “We are pleased to announce Mr. Wallace’s appointment as Headteacher at Horizon English School, as we undergo a major expansion and following a very strong performance at the DSIB inspection. Since joining Al Najah Education, he has grown from a Year 5 Class Teacher to Headteacher of the school due to his hard work, dedication and constant strive for excellence. Dubai is an international school capital of the world and Mr. Wallace is a great role model for the teachers in this city.”

Mr. Wallace has accumulated more than 13 years’ experience within the education field. A trusted leader amongst parents and the community, Mr. Wallace has placed the wellbeing of both the students and staff at the core of his responsibilities, resulting in staff morale and student attitudes being at an all-time high.                         

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Wallace says: “I am proud and humbled to be appointed as the Headteacher of Horizon English School. Having been with Horizon for a few years, I’ve been able to grow tremendously as both an educator and leader.  My time here has helped me to identify areas of strong performance, such as its collaborative coaching culture, which I intend to fortify over the coming academic year. I’m confident that this approach will provide an elevated learning experience for students, as well as help the faculty to expand their techniques. I am honoured to lead the school, as we continue to work towards providing a truly outstanding education offering.”


Source: Q Communications