Ontario International Canadian School (OICS), located in Mirdif, Dubai, is the only establishment in the city to offer the unique Canadian curriculum to students.  In a city that hosts the largest number of international schools in the world – with the majority offering the British curriculum – OICS’s Canadian curriculum places emphasis on the tools required to improve learning, and teaches students how to analyze and break down the vast amount of information they are presented with on a daily basis.

OICS Principal, Mr. Ron Hodkinson, says: “The primary goal of the system is to ensure that students build upon their natural curiosity, while instilling a learning ethos that drives them to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.”

In doing so, the curriculum is now recognized as one of the most highly serving options available to students today, with PISA ranking it amongst the top five, and the OECD placing it amongst the top seven globally. It has also been identified as one of the top ten curriculums with regards to its mathematics courses, on an international scale.

From the get-go at OICS, students have their experience tailored to their individual learning styles and level of advancement. New students are introduced to classes whereby group learning is prioritized, placing children with others who at their same educational stage. This allows for the school to adopt ‘differentiated instruction’, acknowledging that every student is unique and enabling teachers to implement a flexible method of teaching, tailored to each student.  The inclusive policy of the school also allows all students to have their educational needs met, alongside optimal wellbeing and top extracurricular offerings.

“Given that the modern world is fueled by the use of technology, the Canadian curriculum seeks to utilize this to the best possible effect, in developing the communication and collaboration skills of our students. Ipads and chromebooks are introduced as part of the hierarchy of learning, to tap into critical thinking abilities, while building research and presentation skills,” explains Hodkinson.

To help students make the most of the enriching curriculum, Ontario International Canadian School makes used of key programs such as:

  • Testing carried out by MAP three times a year, to identify patterns in students and their learning
  • Lexia, a reading program that helps staff to pinpoint the level of language proficiency of its students
  • Arabic conversation intervention program aimed at students who struggle with the language
  • Individualized homework to help each student progress

“We see the immense potential within our students and seek to nurture this, through offering a tailored approach to education that embraces each one’s unique learning style.  Our teachers create a supportive environment, working towards the all-round development of students - from their educational requirements and performance as learners, to their physical, emotional and social development,” concludes Hodkinson.


Source: Q Communications