Over 200 volunteers, eco-organizations, and groups from schools and universities in the UAE came together this past weekend for the Great Nurdle Hunt – the largest edition thus far. Organized by NYU Abu Dhabi’s Office of Community Outreach, the Great Nurdle Hunt is an engaging event that aims to educate participants about the impact of plastic pollution around the world.

Participants were put into teams and asked to collect nurdles -  or small plastic pellets that often end up being spilled in the ocean - from the Park Hyatt Saadiyat beach during this unique variation of a beach clean-up. The 200 volunteers collectively gathered over 29,000 nurdles.  The data of nurdles is recorded and submitted as part of the global campaign “The Great Global Nurdle Hunt” organized by Fidra organization.

Commenting on the event, which is part of the University’s Service Kashtah program, NYUAD Associate Director of Community Outreach Suparna Mathur said: “The Nurdle Hunts give us a platform to engage the community on important dialogue surrounding plastic consumption and shifting towards more sustainable living in the UAE. Our participants arrived as volunteers but left as citizen scientists.”


Source: Four Communications