With focus on improving the status of women’s health in the UAE, the British Orchard Nursery, UAE’s largest chain of pre-schools, teamed up with Lifeline Hospital to organise awareness event on cervical cancer. The event included an interactive session with doctors and staff at Lifeline Hospital who educated mothers on cervical cancer risk, and discussed protective and preventive measures in detail. The session was part of the complementary ‘Coffee Morning’ series, British Orchard Nursery’s ongoing calendar event that aims to address concerns that directly or indirectly affect children’s well-being with active involvement of both parents and children.


Discussing the causes behind cervical cancer, doctors particularly focused on human papillomavirus or HPV, a common infection that spreads through sexual activity and mostly affects women under 25 years. HPV is responsible for 99 per cent of cervical cancer cases, but can be defeated through vaccination which can prevent 70 per cent of cases. Attendees also learned about the symptoms of the cancer, which include abnormal vaginal bleeding and discharge and pain in the lower belly or pelvis.

As per news reports, cervical cancer is the second-most diagnosed form of cancer in the women in UAE with about 100 cases diagnosed each year. Out of these almost 30 cases are reported as fatal. Globally, the cancer is the fourth most-common among women, with more than 50 percent dying from it. Most cases, however, can be treated successfully if in early stages, which is why doctors stressed the need for preventive measures, such as regular screening and HPV vaccination shots.

Vandana Gandhi, Founder and CEO of British Orchard Nursery said: “A happy mother makes a happy home, which is so crucial in the upbringing of a child. And to be happy, a mother needs to remain healthy and fit so that she can focus wholeheartedly on her family’s needs. At British Orchard Nursery, we understand the huge significance of a mother’s role in building a strong society, and awareness about her well-being is one of the main aims of our Coffee Morning event. With January being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we believe this was the right opportunity to teach mothers about a disease that can be a cause of great pain and unhappiness to both a woman and her family if not addressed on time”.

The principal of British Orchard Nursery, Mankhool Branch, added: “Despite the number of cases reported every year, it is surprising how little women know about cervical cancer and its prevention. And because we care for the parents as much as we do for the children studying in our nurseries, we felt the awareness campaign was the need of the hour. With this exercise, we aim to highlight many other health issues that will help mothers take their well-being more seriously”.


About British Orchard Nursery

British Orchard Nursery is the Middle East's first largest nursery chain to be ISO 14001, 18001 and ISO 9001:2008 quality certified with numerous national and international awards. Dedicated to helping children reach their highest potential, British Orchard Nursery is a well established nursery chain, holding a reputation for excellence and a deep commitment to developing young minds. Their passion for providing quality care and education is evident in their success and increasing number of branches. The nursery now occupies 14 sites across the UAE, with branches in Bur Dubai, Jumeirah, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Media City, JBR, Al Twar Dubai Women’s College, DEWA, Dubai Municipality, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (AlNahyan, & Al Bateen) and ADCO.

Over the years it has become a well-trusted centre of excellence in UAE for early years’ education. It follows British National Early Years Curriculum, with the addition of structure and progression, whilst still adhering to OFSTED (The British regulatory body) guidelines. The Nursery chain has won 11 international and 10 national awards over the years including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) in 2015, and the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award (DQAA) as well as Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award (DHDAA) in 2014. Having highly trained staff and fantastic facilities, the nursery caters to children from 6 months to 4+ years. Remarkably, the many facilities include an extensive gym and fitness centre specially designed for juniors, developing healthy practices through their “Gym-Juniorz” program, expertly promoting children's strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, self confidence and self-esteem.

The curriculum is planned to meet the needs of each child as an individual, ensuring that all seven areas of learning are interlinked throughout the day, providing in-depth and fulfilling learning experiences for children to explore, create, discover and study. The nursery provides extended care for children through their afternoon apple's club and also fun filled and stimulating experiences at their holiday camps.

The Nursery facilities include comprehensive creative spaces that offers role play to develop children’s social and imaginative skills; soft play; swimming pools; construction area where children recreate real life events and situations; a library, a water play area where they can develop understanding of challenging concepts in a ‘hands on capacity’; sand area to explore scientific and mathematical concepts; messy play or painting area to develop creativity; grass area etc. The school offers Arabic and French lessons, ballet, and gym lessons as well as computer classes.


Source: Pulse 360 PR & Marketing Communications