The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies has successfully launched an innovative distance learning platform to facilitate out of institute education , The system was launched after a series of training workshops conducted for the trainers and other members of the academic body. The distance learning program has been activated for all approved programs.

To facilitate distance learning, EIBFS has been working relentlessly to put together an integrated plan to be able to have a smooth transition from in-classroom to virtual learning that has been mandated as per the government directives.

EIBFS has taken all measures to ensure readiness of devices and databases to be accessed from home.   To begin with, EIBFS offers distance learning for 10 programs in the first week followed by 50 learning programs in the second week.

To be better prepared and to help students to navigate through this new learning system, EIBFS has set a number of guidelines and a timetable to regularise the educational process The Institute has  raised its readiness and has  fully prepared for the implementation of distance learning for all banking and financial programs.  The distance learning programs has come as a result of EIBFS’ strategy to face crises and not affecting the educational process.

Speaking on the distance learning process and the preparedness of EIBFS, Jamal Al Jassmi, General Manager of EIBFS, said that this new initiative is implemented by the Institute in accordance with the guidance of the UAE leadership and government, which emphasizes the need to develop and implement advanced and flexible learning programs and the use relevant technologies in training and education.

He said, “This decision and process comes at an extraordinary time when we are faced with unique challenges. To be able to continue to empower trainees to continue with their jobs and to upskill themselves whether they are inside the institute, in their homes, even be able to access the programs from within or outside the country.”

Al Jassmi stressed that the infrastructure and distance learning system is well-prepared to support the trainees and the that the faculty members have been provided all the support and training to be able to facilitate this process.  

He said, “ The institute has been working on preparing instructional videos for students with a detailed explanation about the possibility of using their systems remotely, as well as providing interactive lectures between students and professors.  We urge all students and trainees to take advantage of this experimental stage to raise concerns and doubts if there are any. We are confident that the distance learning system will be well accepted and followed as per the guidelines shared.  We also have an online attendance system to be able to understand the number of trainees logging in and taking the courses.  Most importantly, the video technology is used and implemented to ensure students attend and interact with the academic staff. EIBFS understands the need to use alternative measures during these times and we hope to continue to build this process further and beyond.

The distance learning program at EIBFS has begun from March 15, 2020 onwards.

Source: APCO Worldwide