As part of its Fikret Science club, NYU Abu Dhabi’s (NYUAD) Center for Genomics and Systems Biology is organizing its seventh talk On the Wings of the Monarch Butterfly: When Science Meets Film.

Taking place on Tuesday, April 30, at The Arts Center at NYUAD, the public talk will highlight the role of science in drama and fiction, and provide glimpses into the research and filmmaking process. It aims to initiate conversations on the role of science and promote an understanding of various scientific topics to the local community.

Assistant Professor of Biology at NYUAD and filmmaker Alexis Gambis will show how his science films are often told through animal perspectives. He will discuss his latest feature Son of Monarchs, a butterfly-centered drama that merges topics of evolutionary biology with broader issues of immigration, politics, and rituals.

Driven towards promoting an understanding of the scientific world to the Abu Dhabi community, Fikret Science Club explores various topics related to conservation of cultural heritage through science, biological rhythms and mood, climate change and environmental adaptation, and science in society, among others.

Fikret Science Club is open to both established science enthusiasts and those curious to learn more.


Source: Four Communications