The Petroleum Institute (University and Research Center) has announced today that a research conducted by its academic staff was published in Nature Publishing Group Asia Materials (NPG Asia Materials), an international journal that covers highly impactful work on experimental and theoretical research in materials science. The academicians at the Petroleum Institute conducted research on Topological Insulator by Dr. Marios Katsiotis (Research Associate) and Dr. Saeed Alhassan (Assistant Professor and Director of Gas Research Center).


Dr. Saeed Alhassan at the Petroleum Institute stated that: “Publishing this academic paper in such a reputable scientific journal highlights PI’s advanced research capabilities while positioning the UAE as a pioneer in harnessing research for advancing science. Today, after three years of hard work and dedication, we are proud to contribute to this work which utilizes topological insulators with unique physical phenomenon in developing catalytic applications that will assist in improving separation processes in oil refineries in the UAE.”

The academicians co-published an article in NPG Asia Materials titled “Unexpected orbital magnetism in Bi-rich Bi2Se3 nano platelets” that focuses on exploring a unique orbital magnetic properties of bismuth selenide platelets, which will lead to potential applications in catalysis and computing. Dr. Marios and Dr. Saeed studied the Topological Insulator, a new class of material with a unique behavior of conducting electricity from its surface while its bulk remains insulated. This research is highly valuable to the scientific community and the oil and gas industry as it is a relatively under-researched topic

The Petroleum Institute strives to foster an exciting intellectual environment by developing and investing in research which is one of the core academic activities. Publishing this research in a leading international journal reflects PI’s endeavor to nurturing an innovative research environment.

This research is the result of an international collaboration between the Petroleum Institute, National Center for Scientific Research ‘Demokritos’, Korea Basic Science Institute and University of Ioannina. These institutes are actively engaged with the Petroleum Institute on projects that will lead to development of materials and technologies that will serve the oil and gas industry. One of these projects is funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), which will focus on the development of nanoparticles for use in subsurface applications to assist in oil production. This kind of research contribute to efficient management of reservoirs during production. Other partners in this project include Vanderbilt University. 

NPG Asia Materials is an international journal that focuses on highly impactful work on experimental and theoretical research in materials science. The journal is published by Nature Publishing Group (NPG) which publish several journals focusing on many aspects of science and medicine with high impact on scientific community.


About The Petroleum Institute

The Petroleum Institute University and Research Center (PI) was established in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates in 2001 with a goal of becoming a world-class institution in both engineering education and energy industry research. PI currently has nearly 2000 undergraduate and graduate students, over 200 faculty, and has quickly become a leading teaching and research institution in the Middle East region. The PI’s sponsors and affiliates include the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and four major international oil companies that include BP, Japan Oil Development Company, Shell and Total. The campus has modern instructional laboratories and classroom facilities, and will soon host a major research center, the PI Research Center (PIRC) scheduled to open in 2015.


Source: Edelman DABO