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As part of its strategic plan to empower the UAE’s youth by providing them with advanced skills in the marine and maritime sciences, Emirates Classification Society "Tasneef" graduated 10 engineers after completion of an advanced training course in the engineering field from Genoa University. The university, one of the biggest in Italy, was established in 1481 and has main majors such as Naval, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering. This accomplishment, fully organized by Tasneef, represents an important step towards the framework of its vision that aims to transfer advanced knowledge and technology in the maritime field to the young national calibers.


Eng. Rashed Al Hebsi, CEO of Tasneef said “The UAE leadership is fully aware that continued prosperity and development in the UAE is based on the ability to build sustainable economic elements that are capable to provide the same level of development and affluence for next generations in the post-oil era.”

He also added that the maritime economy has the potential to play a leading role in realizing a sustainable economy, especially as the UAE annual expenditure on marine and shipping services exceeds AED272 billion. “Consequently, building the capacities of young citizens in this area will ensure our leadership of the global maritime arena, as it will also serve as the foundation for building an integrated internal economic cycle that utilizes the scalable spending allocated by the UAE to maritime services in building internationally transferable national economic capabilities.”

Al Hebsi pointed out "Aiming to transform the UAE from a consumer of maritime services to an exporter, we can already see the fruitful results of this vision. Ships, yachts, and major offshore platforms manufactured in the UAE are being exported to the most advanced countries of the world, including the United States, Germany, and others.”

He also explained that UAE factories and dry-docks have gained several key prestigious international awards and entered the scientific research and development filed. The UAE has issued several new standards, some of which are world’s first, such as the UAE Yacht Code, the current developed Standards for Floating Seahorse Villas, and the Sahara Notation for building and operating ships in warm water, which saves more than 15% of the cost in vessel construction and operation, compared to the standards developed for ships operating in cold water, and enhances security and safety specifications for crews and passengers.

It is worth mentioning that Tasneef has launched "Tasneef Academy" which aims to build experience and scientific knowledge, and transfer technology to the UAE and the Arab World. The academy works in partnership with several global and regional academic bodies, including the Italian Classification Society “RINA”; the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies; and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Egypt. This comes in line with Tasneef Academy’s comprehensive plan to become an integrated hub for preparing and training experienced staff in naval shipping, classification, quality, and business assurance continuity in the region.

Tasneef also participated in the 12th Mare Forum conference in Italy, which highlighted Italy's role in the global marine and maritime arena in terms of manufacturing and trade. This explains the priority of this summit for the UAE maritime sector and Tasneef in particular.

Their participation was focused on promoting the UAE vision to fill the gap in the maritime economy for a central hub located with maintenance, manufacturing, research, and development capabilities, as well as a complete range of logistics and commercial shipping services. This international hub would also need to be of proximity to the new emerging markets in Asia and Africa, which will represent the majority of the earth's population and consumers of goods and commercial services in the coming decades. Taking its infrastructure, its legal environment that attracts international investments, as well as safety and security compared to many other regions in the world, the UAE serves as an ideal destination for companies that are looking for solutions for major problems and challenges faced by the maritime economy globally, amid the considerably slowing economies of many world countries.


About Tasneef

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The main activity is the Classification of ships and offshore platforms. Tasneef is already a member of the Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industries, which is an umbrella body promoting the interests of the industry.


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