Furthering its commitment to make the internet a safe and positive space for its students, Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) – which manages Al Mawakeb Schools and International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) – has conducted a string of informative workshops, training programs, and expert talks at its premises.


For instance, the ICT classes at the schools, in addition to imparting CS lessons from the syllabus, provide bonus classes on ways to prevent fraud of personal data and preservation of one’s online avatar. The classes also distribute resourceful literature on ways to prevent their gadgets – computers, laptops, smartphones, and wearables – from attracting malware programs and hackers.

Students too have been at the forefront of assuming responsibility for creating positive experiences on the internet. ‘Happiness Hackathon’ – a dedicated assembly aimed at turning negative experiences online and in life into positive ones – attracted creative ideas from students on ways to improve their online experiences. The students prepared presentations on the dangers of bullying, tackling bullying - both online and offline, and steps to secure oneself and surroundings from this menace.

The schools have also extensively explored avenues of collaborating with government entities, including The UAE Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Center for harnessing collective efforts in raising awareness about cyber-safety, cyber-bullying, and online privacy. Recognizing the importance of entertainment and pop-culture in communicating with students, AMSI also hosted  Natalya and Alicia Fox – celebrated members of the World Wrestling Entertaining (WWE) – under a programme titled ‘Be a STAR’. Supported by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the programme briefed eighty students of the seventh and eighth grade of Al Mawakeb Schools, and encouraged students to speak out against bullying.

A 2015 survey of more than 1,000 Dubai students by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine Research of the American Institute of Science highlighted that 40% of the students had been physically attacked by their peers. Following this, KHDA reinforced its zero-tolerance policy for bullying in all forms within the parents-school contract introduced in the academic year of 2015-2016.

AMSI recognize the immense potential of technology, cyberspace and Social Media, as it percolates into the everyday lives of students for purposes ranging from communication and entertainment to academics. At AMSI, the safety of its students and their grooming as responsible global citizens continues to be the cornerstone of its academic and non-curricular activities.


About Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI):

A collaboration of academicians and educators, Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) is a complete solution provider. AMSI caters to every genre of educational institutions and at all levels of the academic delivery process. AMSI manages Al Mawakeb Schools in Al Barsha and Al Garhoud - Dubai, The International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) in Al Warqaa - Dubai, and International School of Al-Koura – Lebanon. AMSI has the credit of owning one of the oldest private schools and one of the premier educational institutions in Dubai - Al Mawakeb School.


Source: Raee Public Relations