Tashkeel has just announced the four artists selected for the 2017-18 edition of Tanween Design Programme: Alya Sultan AlEghfeli, Hala Al Ani, Myrtille Labrune-Ronteix and Renad Hussein. The four designers were chosen from a substantial number of applications, after a selection process that included the interview of shortlisted candidates. Members of the selection panel included Helen Voce, an established member of the creative community, Lateefa bint Maktoum, Founder and Director of Tashkeel, Jill Hoyle, Manager of Tashkeel, and members of the Tashkeel team.

Committed to fulfilling the programme’s mandate, Tashkeel’s Design Label Tanween aims to stimulate cultural and economic development in addition to facilitating dialogue within the local design, craft and manufacturing community. Since its inception in 2013, Tashkeel’s Design Programme has enabled UAE-based designers to develop a breadth of products that encompass the production process from start to finish, responding to their setting, the Emirates.

“Not only did we have the highest number of applicants this year, but the calibre of talent that responded to the open call was remarkable. With each edition, the bar has been raised even higher, which is a testament to our alumni and the hard work invested in the programme. When we started the design programme, our hope was to create a platform that combined both the UAE as a point of inspiration and the artisanal and manufacturing skills available locally, and witnessing the positive impact the programme has made has been especially rewarding” says Jill Hoyle, Manager of Tashkeel.

Graphic designer Hala Al-Ani, interior designer Alya Sultan AlEghfeli, artist Myrtille Labrune-Ronteix and interior and furniture designer Renad Hussein will create new limited edition products through a nine month long intensive programme that includes labs, workshops and collaborations with established and respected international and local mentors. The products will launch under the Tanween label in March, making their debut at Design Days Dubai 2018.


About Tashkeel

Established in 2008 by Lateefa bint Maktoum, Tashkeel is a contemporary art organisation based in Dubai committed to facilitating art and design practice, creative experimentation and cross-cultural dialogue. Placing the artist at the core, Tashkeel supports the UAE’s creative community through studio facilities, artists’ residencies, international fellowships, a programme of exhibitions, events, and workshops.

As part of its commitment to support locally-based creatives, Tashkeel offers two annual programmes providing support and encouragement for both designers and artists. The Tanween programme is one of Tashkeel’s core initiatives, supporting selected designers living and working in the UAE to develop a range of products that are showcased at Design Days Dubai and are available as limited editions under Tashkeel’s design product label, Tanween. The Critical Practice Programme, provides sustained and empowering support to up to three artists each year to develop their work in an environment that encourages progressive experimentation and cross cultural exchange. The programme feeds into Tashkeel’s exhibition schedule, with participating artists exhibiting their works in the gallery.

Tashkeel’s exhibition space accommodates up to six main projects a year, as well as a series of small-scale events. The programme includes solo and thematic exhibitions, screenings, workshops and seminars, fulfilling Tashkeel’s commitment to bringing art and culture to a wider audience and engaging the local community.


Source: Wallis PR