At the region’s leading international photography exhibition, Gulf Photo Week 2018, official presenting partner Cadillac Middle East is continuing to champion talented and inspirational individuals contributing to the Middle East and global art scene.

The brand’s partnership with the organizers of Gulf Photo Week 2018, Gulf Photo Plus (GPP), has provided Cadillac a platform to showcase a series of images co-created with New York-based photographer and filmmaker, Khalik. Portraits of Arabs on show at the exhibition are the next step in Cadillac’s Arabs of New York campaign which aims to showcase the input of the Arab diaspora in the city that never sleeps.

Commenting on the campaign, Nadim Ghrayeb, Head of Marketing, Cadillac Middle East said: “At Cadillac, we consistently strive to shine a spotlight on innovators and trailblazers in their respective fields.  Arabs of New York is our opportunity to connect with passionate personalities originating from the Middle East.”

Arabs of New York, part of Cadillac’s Dare Greatly initiative, was launched in 2017 in the Middle East and gave the brand an occasion to celebrate its legacy with legendary pop-artist Andy Warhol and to collaborate with The Andy Warhol Museum to bring key pieces idealizing the American dream in Cadillac as an iconic American brand. The very first time the pieces had toured in the region, Cadillac utilized the opportunity to share the artwork with Middle East fans and highlight their involvement in the world of art to a new audience.

Cadillac’s collaboration with renowned photographer, Khalik is but the continuation of the brand’s campaign. As part of Gulf Photo Week, Cadillac also arranged an exclusive street photography tour with key photographers in the United Arab Emirates to explore Arab culture in the old areas of Dubai with Khalik and learn about his work and the techniques he employs to capture dignified portraits.

In addition, a GPP-led panel discussion held at Dubai’s artistic hub, Alserkal Avenue, with participants including Khalik, acclaimed photographers Maggie Steber and Mohamed al Kindy, and Cadillac’s Nadim Ghrayeb addressed representation in art and photography. Debating how photographers reclaim narratives to create authentic portrayals of their environments, each of the panelists analyzed how they portray the subjects of their work and the way they are represented.

Mentioning the way Cadillac has represented the Arab diaspora in New York, Ghrayeb said: “We are highlighting the contribution of Arabs in our home city and projecting a positive image of successful and creative people; this is something that Cadillac has done throughout its history.”

Khalik and Cadillac’s co-created portraits of the Arab diaspora in New York City - will be shown alongside Khalik’s project, Souls Against the Concrete, at Alserkal Avenue’s much-heralded multi-disciplinary space, Concrete, until 12th February.


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Cadillac has been a leading luxury auto brand since 1902. Today, Cadillac is growing globally, driven by an expanding product portfolio featuring distinctive design and technology. More information on Cadillac appears at Cadillac's media website with information, images and video can be found at


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Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) is Dubai’s center for photography, equipping and inspiring the local and international photography community through photography workshops, free artist talks, state-of-the-art printing services, and the region’s longest-running international photography event, GPP Photo Week.


About GPP Photo Week 2018

GPP Photo Week 2018 is the longest-running international photography event in the region. Packed with exhibitions, photo walks, special events, and workshops taught by the world’s leading photographers, the six days are uniquely designed to inspire, challenge, and connect photographers and enthusiasts from around the globe.


Source: Performance Communications