The American School of Creative Science (ASCS) Maliha, managed and operated by Beam, hosted students from Al Wafa School for Capacity Development, part of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, during the “Day of Determination” event organized in cooperation with ‘Plant a Smile’ charity foundation.  

The event aimed to encourage the students of ASCS to engage with people of determination and be socially responsible through more community engagement initiatives. Through the event, the students learned about the abilities and challenges that people of determination go through, and additionally spread awareness about empowering people with mental and physical disabilities.

Mrs. Majd C. Hussain, Principal of The American School of Creative Science (ASCS) Maliha said, “We are always excited to see our students being inspired by the astonishing capabilities of people of determination.  We were delighted to host this rewarding event that allowed our students to be exposed to real life scenes and encouraged them to socially engage by supporting people of determination and empowering the capabilities.  We always look forward to adopt such initiatives where students can take part in creating fun activities that put a smile on everyone’s faces. ”

“Hosting this event was an ultimate pleasure for teachers and students alike, and it comes in line with our vision of spreading strong moral values to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.” Mrs. Hussain added.

The event saw around 180 students, parents, teachers and staff from Al Wafa School for Capacity Development and it was planned and carried out by the teachers and students of ASCS. Al Wafa students enjoyed all the activities which included arts and crafts, a puppet show, Nasheed corner, senses corner and light sports.


About the American Schools of Creative Science

The American Schools of Creative Science (ASCS) are managed by Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam) and have two schools in Sharjah and one in Dubai. ASCS Maliha; being the largest campus, comprises of kindergarten till grade 12 and has more than 3000 students enrolled.

At ASCS we strive to be a learning organization that nurtures, cultivates and fosters creative and critical thinking skills. The schools’ reputation for academic excellence couples with strong moral values to develop successful, contributing members of a global society.

The schools’ mission is to effectively instill traditional morals and values while ensuring excellence through an integrated curriculum based upon internationally renowned best practices in teaching and learning. At ASCS, English and Arabic departments adopt a common approach and ensure that links are established between the different subjects.

American Schools of Creative Science follow the US Common Core Standards Curriculum, along with the UAE’s National Curriculum in Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social/ National Studies. The schools are well known for their unique and rigorous “Qur’an Memorization Program”.

ASCS’s Islamic environment in combination with a true American education; academic brilliance imparted in a faith based environment and the values which underpin the school’s curriculum at ASCS.

Facilities of the school are state of the art and truly cutting edge, they include a library, auditorium, activity rooms, ICT rooms, and kitchen. Sporting facilities include playgrounds, swimming pool, gym, and multi-purpose hall. In addition, Beam schools are the only Promethean Centers of Excellence in the entire Middle East region.


About Beam

Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam) represents the convergence of Bukhatir Group's decade long experience in developing successful educational institutions and implementing advanced educational management systems in the UAE. Beam is most widely known for its excellence in operating the British K-13 and American K-12 curriculum school under the banner of International School of Creative Science (ISCS) and American School of Creative Science (ASCS). The Beam Creative Science Schools provide a unique combination of international curriculum blended with a strong Arabic language program delivered by highly experienced academic teams and technology infrastructure geared towards achieving strong teaching and learning outcomes. Our campuses are carefully designed to promote traditional moral values and ethos and focusses on building children’s critical thinking skills and academic excellence.


Source: Four Communications