Ajman homeowners have been encouraged to exercise responsible water and energy consumption as well as adapt a conscious attitude towards the environment in order to protect the emirate’s precious natural resources.


Representatives from Ajman Sewerage and their Community Care Foundation embarked on a two-day “meet Ajman’s residents” initiative, which was aimed at offering an opportunity for dialogue and exchange on the importance of responsible water and energy use in their respective homes and on Ajman Sewerage’s customer services.

Over 100 households were visited on 17th and 18th January where the residents were also given water-saving devices to help them conserve as much water as possible. The devices will help in controlling the water flow to avoid wastage. Over 500 water-saving devices have been distributed so far.

According to Ajman Sewerage, consumers use around 500 liters of water and between 20-30 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity a day, more than twice the international average consumptions. Reiterating the importance of judicious water and energy use, Christophe Ledur, Ajman Sewerage’s General Manager, pointed out the need to be environmentally aware.

“As a key stakeholder, we are playing our part in encouraging Ajman’s citizens to share their feedback with us and to use water and energy sparingly and responsibly.” said Ledur.

The residents have also been sensitized about high-volume water usage such as watering lawns or gardens, car washing and long-lasting leaks, as they all contribute to unwanted water loss. Parents have been advised to teach their children about the importance of water conservation.


About Ajman Sewerage:

Ajman Sewerage (Private) Company Ltd is a partnership between the Government of Ajman, BESIX and Veolia, two leading international water treatment experts from the private sector. Ajman Sewerage collects wastewater, treats it and delivers treated water to the City of Ajman. The sewerage system has about 300 km of sewer lines, 22 pumping stations and a wastewater treatment facility that handles 80,000,000 litres/day. On a daily basis, more than 300,000 people living and working in Ajman benefit from the sewerage system.


Source: Matrix Public Relations