Brighton College Dubai celebrated the UAE’s innovation month this week, by inviting local entrepreneurs to the school to speak about their routes to success.

The activity was a key part of Brighton College Dubai’s Wellbeing Day, which is a core value of the school’s syllabus that takes place every half term, to inspire its students and to teach them about the vast opportunities of conventional and unconventional routes to success.

Entrepreneurs from both the public and private sectors in finance, textile trading, agriculture, construction and real estate, spoke to Brighton College students about connecting employability with enterprise, finance and selling products and services, as well as their own inspirational stories about how they became successful in business.

After the inspirational talks and workshops, Brighton College students got the opportunity to become mini-entrepreneurs for the day, working on their own business projects and developing products they then could sell to parents at the ‘Brighton College Marketplace.’

Marco Longmore, Head Master at Brighton College Dubai commented: “It is important for us to show our pupils that there’s many different routes to success, and that combining a sound education with creative and commercial thinking can really take them anywhere in life. Innovation has been a feature of a Brighton College education which we are now delivering in Dubai that bridges a disconnect between schools and entrepreneurship which our initiatives in College bridge for our pupils.”


Source: Plus 1 Communications