Bin Drai Polo and UAE Polo teams had a successful afternoon on the first day of the Polo Masters Cup 2019.

Bangash had an early lead against Bin Drai as they closed the first chukker with 4.5 goals to 2. Bin Drai team on their tail, took the lead by half time with goals from Andres "Lala" Laplacette. The team managed to keep their advantage until the buzzer sounded off on the fourth chukker ending the game at 11 - 9.5

Match progression:

Bin Drai Polo team: 2 - 4.5 | 6 - 5.5 | 9 - 6.5 | 11 - 9.5

Top scorer of the match: Frederico Potobsky, 8 goals

The second match between Mahra Polo and UAE Polo team was one-sided from the start of the game with Tomas Panelo scoring the most goals the UAE polo team

Match progression:

UAE Polo team: 4.5 - 0 | 6.5 - 1 | 10.5 - 2 | 10.5 - 4

Top scorer of the match: Tomas Panelo, 7 goals

The Polo Masters Cup, a 10-goal handicap tournament and the second trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series will continue on 12th February 2019, Tuesday with Dubai Wolves playing against Mahra Polo at Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club.


Source: Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club