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Al Basta, the Emirati cultural event, taking place in the Heart of Sharjah at Souq Al Shanasiyah, concluded on Saturday 9 March. The almost 3 months-long event kicked off amid much fanfare and offered the visitors an opportunity to learn and experience Emirati culture in a fun and engaging way.

Al Basta’s major attraction was a string of workshops on traditional Emirati crafts, including Burqa and Talli, along with doll making that were hosted by skilled Emirati craftswomen, who had the participants hooked with their artistic live demonstration of Talli and burqa-making, as well as kohl pouches making. A story-telling session was also hosted in Souq Al Shanasiyah as part of Al Basta activities.

Equally engaging was the Henna workshop conducted by Dr. Azra, visitors learnt about various advanced and popular design techniques, while she effortlessly swirled her hands to come up with eye-captivating beautiful henna patterns. These workshops were well-complimented by decked out stalls, offering myriad traditional items and unique Emirati handicrafts and organic henna.

Festivities are not complete unless there is some fun quotient and something for the children. Al Basta had plenty of that. Children were seen having a great time in the petting zoo where they got to feed ducks and rabbits, and for those who loved to play with colours were seen getting their face painted. Many of them made the most of the opportunity to take a picture with a falcon.

In line with the vision of Heart of Sharjah, children from “Sharjah Children” Centre, a subsidiary of Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators shared their entrepreneurial ideas and products during Al Basta. A great environment was provided for children to express themselves and make a significant contribution to the event. Handmade items by children were put up for display and sale on attractive 14 carts.

Besides, young budding photographers were seen completely engrossed in learning the tricks-of-the-trade of taking the perfect snapshot during a photo walk throughout the course of Al Basta.


Source: National Network Communications- NNC