Mawaheb from Beautiful People, an art studio for the determined ones from 16 years and above, has joined hands with Calgary, Canada’s Indefinite Arts Centre for a unique art showcase that highlights the joint works by UAE-based and Canadian artists. To be held from May 18 to May 30 at Mawaheb Art Studio, the exhibition is themed ‘Connection’ to underline the power of art in connecting people and underlining the power of creativity as a positive force for good. Celebrating the value of artistic talent as universal, Connection will feature works that create learning opportunities for both the UAE and Canadian communities.

The art pieces are created through collaboration and by sharing ideas and influences empowering artists to broaden their journey and serves as an inspiration for the wider community in the UAE and Canada. Every art work represents not only the personal vision of the artist but also serves as a mouthpiece for their community and others like them across the world.

Wemmy De Maaker, Founder and Managing Director at Mawaheb, said “With ‘Connection’ we are highlighting the power of art in breaking down all boundaries and celebrating the talents of the determined ones. Through the power of collaboration, we are highlighting that artistic language has no barriers – it highlights the similarities of people and helps them connect with the community and inspire them. Connection is an ideal fit to the Year of Tolerance celebrated by the UAE this year, reiterating the message that art is for all.”

Jung-Suk Ryu, CEO of Indefinite Arts Centre, said “At a time when there are so many reasons to divide international communities this project highlights the universality of our similarities, expressed by those in our communities who are often perceived to have little or no power to make a difference. The legacy of the project will be to continue to strengthen the international relationship between organisations leading to further collaborations and creating a platform where there is no distinction between the artistic language of ‘the determined ones’ or ‘abled and disabled’ artists.”

More than 10 students of Mawaheb are showcasing their works. Among the participants is Pierre de Lisle, who will present the work, ‘3 Rue D ’Anjou: Home is Where the Heart is.’ Commenting on the work, Pierre said: “I have lived in so many places: Dubai, Poland and Italy. My real home is my childhood home in Versailles. I like geography and maps. I like history and languages. I also like looking at Google map images. This is my Google map painting. Different streets are connections that lead me home.”

Another student, Sakshi Bankim Sanghri is presenting the work ‘Family Circles.’ She said: “I represent myself as the centre of each circle. I connect to members of my family through love, dreams and activities and they surround and support me all the time. I like bright happy colors and unique designs.”

The exhibition also focuses on the similar work done by Mawaheb and Indefinite Arts, both of which provide artistic training, inspiration and hope for people of determination. Several artists have overcome personal obstacles to bring their art out of the shadows and into the public arena

Mawaheb will also host a workshop between Mawaheb and Indefinite Arts Centre artists and staff. The exhibition will continue with a two-week exhibition at the Dubai International Airports from June 9 to 23. Primary funders for this initiative include the Canada Council for the Arts, Global Affairs Canada, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


Source: Cicero and Bernay