NEXA, the Regional Agency for Development, Investment and Innovation of Reunion Island will participate at the Gitex technology Week between the 16th and the 20th of October 2016 in Dubai. Reunion Island is a French and European Outermost Region, the wealthiest region in the Indian Ocean, an ideal vantage point for developing your business towards Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The island represents a European hub in the Indian Ocean and a territory near economic blocks: SADC, EAC, IOC.


Digital represents one of Reunion’s most dynamic industries thanks to a high-quality network connected to the rest of the world. The island has one of the three largest cyber-domes in the world and a real quality network combining several technologies (fiber optic, wireless broadband coverage...)

Digital companies located in Reunion benefit from a dynamic internal market which is constantly on the lookout for new technologies: the rate of mobile phone coverage on the island is over 95%, with connections to Europe and the Indian Ocean. Indeed, 68% rate with home computers, 50% rate with broadband connections and 84% rate with mobile telephones.

Furthermore, a big part of the population is young, well-trained and tech-savvy. The market represents nearly 850,000 inhabitants and 1 million inhabitants expected by 2030, that is to say a GDP of 17,5 bn€.

Digital becomes a sector whose activity crosses over into other branches. Its development represents a vector serving to open horizons and foster competitiveness for sectors with high added value and high technology needs: Green I.T., home automation, e-learning, specific monitoring software, e-health, biotechnology, energy, environment, tourism, agri-food.

It should be noted as well that since the 25th of July, Reunion Island has been labelized with French Tech label. This distinction indicates the ecosystem of French startups and highlights the French excellence regarding innovation. The goal is showing the know-how of French regions in Startups’ culture.

NEXA is the Regional Agency for Development, Investment and Innovation of Reunion Island. The office is the front desk for every project holder. In order to increase Reunion Island’s attractiveness, boost the island’s development projects and promote its economic image nationally and internationally, NEXA initiated a strategy: «INVEST IN REUNION». For the benefit of investors, NEXA manages this initiative and ensures its implementation, deployment and operation using resources and actions, putting emphasis on island’ skills.

Aiming to promote the territorial excellence, Nexa’s actions include the introduction of the know-how of the companies from Reunion Island. For the Gitex, Nexa stands by 3 companies: ISODOM, MEDIALIGHT and RDTRONIC.

RDTRONIC's core business is collecting, processing and releasing data. The company is constantly engaged in the pursuit of strategic innovation. Furthermore, it produces a biomimetic system dedicated to marine biodiversity and cetaceans’ protection.

ISODOM is specialized in organizational consulting, IT and QSE management. Through a processed approach, supported by IT tools which take into account the human dimension of projects, the company has developed an innovative way of increasing the efficiency of any organization.

MEDIALIGHT is a software publisher for banks, airlines companies and e-tourism sectors.

Besides, the company offers a global expertise such as social business, mobile applications, e-trade, cloud hosting, natural referencing …

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Source: Business France