In a digital age we seem to be navigating at the speed of light, holding on to every single grain in an hourglass is a nostalgic idea dreamt by many. Respect for cultural elements that allowed us to slow our minds to a pace synonymous with nature, is a respect for ourselves.


The “Time Traveler Designer” workshop, in collaboration with IWAN Designs, ETQAAN and Dubai Design District, will be doing just that for registered participants from

October, 25th to 27th 2016

from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Dubai Design District (d3). On the 4th and 5th days of the workshop, it will be open to the public. It will welcome seasoned artisans to reveal timeless arabesque secrets with students, young designers, and seasoned designers at all skill levels.

With an aim to backtrack to a time of craftsmanship and artistry that transferred from our hands onto the natural materials that surround us, the workshop will expose participants to three different experiences. The First experience is a set of academic lectures addressing design, material awareness, and fabrication. The second is a hands-on experience, with professional artisans, to unfold the secrets of this Arabian authentic craft, and the last experience is a series of success stories called “Designer Talks” that will take place every day to the end of the workshop.


Source: Copia