The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) organized on Wednesday evening at its headquarters a business dinner, which brought together 130 representatives of companies, factories, and retailers of economic establishments operating in the manufacturing sector in Sharjah.

The meeting aims to promote a convergence of views, discuss the needs of the economic sectors and potential areas of cooperation, and identify best practices and joint investment opportunities available.

This would help support the growth of private sector companies and raise the Emirate of Sharjah’s reputation as a commercial hub for the establishment of business, trade, industry, and investment.

The ceremony was attended by Abdul Aziz Shattaf, SCCI’s Assistant General Director, Members Services Sector and Director of Sharjah Exports Development Center (SEDC), Medhat Mounir, Head of Affiliation and Ratifications Department, and a number of Chamber employees and members.

Sharing Constructive Ideas

Abdul Aziz Shattaf, SCCI’s Assistant General Director, Members Services Sector and Director of Sharjah Exports Development Center (SEDC), said: “Such meetings truly reflect the SCCI’s efforts to reinforce the integration, cooperation, and coordination in terms of scaling up the mechanisms of economic planning, in view of its importance in exchanging constructive ideas between the SCCI and representatives of the private sector in the Emirate.”

“It also a vital role in discussing topical issues, facilitating day-to-day affairs of interest to the business community and exploring future business prospects, in line with the ambitious aspirations to build a productivity-based competitive economy,” added Shattaf.

Provide Utmost Support for All Sectors

He went on saying: “This meeting is a platform through which we discuss the most important mechanisms for the development of work, in addition to highlighting the opportunities for joint cooperation in the manufacturing sector, which is one of the most important sectors in support of the policy of diversifying the economic base pursued by the Emirate of Sharjah.”

This can be made by providing the necessary infrastructure and creating an attractive legislative environment for investment in manufacturing and the industrial sector in general.

“Through these constant meetings with the representatives of sectors, the SCCI strives to align the strategic economic vision of the emirate with the needs of these sectors, with the aim of building new partnerships that contribute to the achievement of the objectives of sustainable economic development of the emirate, through the continuity to provide advice, put forward effective initiatives and participate in the organization of events and development programs,” he pointed out.

Shattaf emphasized the SCCI’s readiness to provide its utmost support to all sectors, in order to enhance their competitiveness and meet expectations and ambitions, as well as coordination with all relevant parties to the economic aspect of the emirate through briefing them on the latest developments in the economic arena.

Reinforcing Relationships

The participants discussed a number of proposals and initiatives to improve performance, appreciating the role of the SCCI and its efforts in consolidating relations between the public and private sectors and submitting proposals and recommendations to decision-makers.

They also thanked the SCCI for its initiatives and programs aiming to support various sectors and help them to establish investment partnerships between them and major government projects.

Source: MISBAR Communicaions