The region’s first ever climate change escape room will debut at this year’s Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) event. The experiential concept powered by Dubai Carbon is an engaging challenge that communicates the Middle East’s journey and efforts towards tackling the pressing issue of climate change.

The Escape Climate Change escape room is a simulation of the behavioral change needed to mitigate the threats faced from climate change, as well as a series or virtual reality puzzles that take the user on an educational journey about Waste, Carbon Abatement, Transport and the UAE’s COP 21 Targets.

Powered by Dubai Carbon’s newly launched augmented reality integrated mobile application, The Sustainabilist, gameplayers will have to solve educational challenges in order to escape the game concept which will educate them along the way about a range of issues such as climate change, energy efficient appliances and how to use ESMA ratings, as well as proving advice such as how to recycle waste in the Middle East and ways that people can reduce their carbon footprint.

Ivano Iannelli, CEO of Dubai Carbon commented: “We are all keen to beat climate change, but in contrast we wish to retain in our comfort zone. We have created an escape room themed on daily carbon reduction tasks to share some of the behavioral change lessons we have learnt over the past few years.”

Visitors to the Escape Climate Change stand will also have the opportunity to discover more about Dubai Carbon’s recently launched app, The Sustainabilist, which showcases thought provoking content from sustainability pioneers and leaders within the region. Designed to educate and stimulate readers to invest in a sustainable future, The Sustainabilist is the must have app for climate conscious individuals who want to join in on the latest sustainability discussions in the Middle East whilst picking up tips and tricks on how they can live a more sustainable life in the UAE.  

Source: Plus 1 Communications