Dubai Land Department (DLD) organised the first edition of the Cairo-Dubai Real Estate Conference in Cairo under the theme ‘Planning and Designing Smart Urban City Strategies.’ The conference was organised in collaboration with the Council of Arab Businesswomen, the Real Estate Development Chamber at the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), Building Materials Chamber of FEI, and the 6th of October Investors Association.

The conference is considered the first step in activating the cooperation between DLD and the Council of Arab Businesswomen in Egypt. The aim of the conference was to exchange real estate knowledge and transfer Dubai’s experience to Egypt, in addition to providing an investment environment based on smart services to create an innovative and sustainable global real estate environment.

This conference gained particular importance for important reasons, most prominently highlighting the facts and positive images that can be achieved using the concept of smart cities and technologies, and the solutions it offers for the future of real estate development and construction business. It also enhanced confidence and happiness and works to reduce costs and procedures within an integrated system supported by legal procedures.

The conference presented a unique model on the need for communication and the importance of partnerships between countries and different sectors for business development and strengthening the real estate system. Among its many positive effects is its contribution to a positive and important role in encouraging communication, developing learning, sharing knowledge, and promoting real estate practices.

Hend Obaid Al Marri, CEO of DREI, commented: “DREI registered distinguished participation as organising partner of the conference and selected the topics of the conference and the themes of its discussion sessions to serve the Egyptian and Emirati markets. We also offered the Dubai International Property Consultant (DIPC) course for all those interested in Dubai’s real estate market. While at the conference, we also worked with other parties to enhance the future of cooperation between the UAE and Egypt. The cooperation between DREI and the Council of Arab Businesswomen aims to create an interactive platform between the two parties, enhance the importance of humans in a united Arab society, and discuss opportunities among all parties participating in the conference.”

Al Marri added: “Education is one of the most important pillars of smart cities, and ways to integrate it into DREI’s operating mechanisms. We focus on building the competencies and capabilities of our human resources and direct them to the importance of digital transformation. We also promote this through intensive courses in collaboration with global universities, mainly Harvard. Without the millennials and youth, we cannot develop and plan smart cities.”

Abeer Essam, Chairman of the Council of Arab Businesswomen, said: “There is an important goal for the role of Arab women in the real estate sector. The conference aims to stimulate cooperation to support the real estate sector in Egypt and the Arab world through specific plans. We can benefit from DLD’s expertise, where it plays a vital role in stimulating daily real estate transactions, and has an important impact on real estate customers and those interested in real estate investment in Dubai.”

During the conference, Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Promotion & Real Estate Investment Management Sector at DLD, presented the most prominent figures achieved by Dubai’s real estate sector during the previous period, reaching AED 80 billion in 2018, stressing that DLD’s participation aims to enhance communication and emphasise the importance of women’s role in the real estate sector.

Rashid added: “This conference was a stepping stone to further areas of future collaboration, as well as an opportunity to provide additional services that benefit real estate sectors in Dubai and Egypt, and foster collaborative relationships to exchange experiences and organise more courses and meetings in the future.”

In conjunction with the conference, Tarek Shukri, Chairman of the Real Estate Development Chamber at FEI, praised the tremendous potential of the UAE and its booming development in the real estate sector. The UAE was able to build 14 new cities with a population exceeding 40 million and transform digitisation into a part of life. He stressed that real estate development in Egypt is proceeding at a steady and strong pace, with the ability to expand in the real estate sector and receive investments in it significantly, affirming that the bilateral meetings between the two parties reflect the volume of cooperation between Egypt and the UAE. In his speech, Waleed Abbas, Assistant Housing Minister for the New Urban Communities Authority, said that the government targets new cities in its plan, where a total of 30 cities have been studied, 14 of which are underway, providing complete technical services through smart cities.

Participants in the conference focused on the need to open prospects for cooperation between those working in real estate development in Egypt with those in other Arab countries. They also exchanged experiences and opinions in the field of real estate development as well as constructive communication with decision-makers to support the real estate development industry. The conference was an ideal opportunity for those working in real estate development, especially as it provided them with the ideal environment to communicate with stakeholders and decision-makers and support the field.

The conference, which was able to attract 200 people representing all government agencies, institutions, and associations, included three sessions that discussed topics of great importance, namely: ‘Smart Cities...The Future of Real Estate Development,’ ‘Real Estate Development Sector... Supportive System and Investment Opportunities,’ and ‘Challenges of Arab, Local, and Global Real Estate Investment.’ Participants also discussed opportunities to improve real estate investment, the most prominent joint initiatives between the two countries, and the future of Egyptian-Emirati cooperation.

The first MoU aims to enhance the role of women and encourage real estate investment in line with the importance of women’s role in Dubai and Egypt through women communities, especially in the fields of real estate investment and promotion among others. It also aims to consolidate the real estate sector among Emirati and Egyptian women by providing a unique and balanced investment environment, based on smart services, to create an innovative and sustainable global real estate setting.

Source: Dubai Land Department