The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development announced its preparations for the National Reading Month, which will begin on 1st March 2020 under the theme of Joy of Reading. The Ministry is closely collaborating with a number of authorities and organisations in the nation to ensure the implementation of initiatives, events and projects will contribute to campaign to promote reading as a key element of the UAE’s society.

HE Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development shared the Ministry’s goals for 2020 to work with partner institutions to launch sustainable initiatives that achieve the goals of the national reading policy, which in turn seek to promote reading as a passion for future generations and books as a constant companion. She also noted that community interaction is an integral factor in building a sustained value for reading in society.

“Our ambitious policy strives to establish reading and learning as a lifelong process for all segments of the society and promote the intellectual and cultural assets for the UAE’s citizens. With the implementation of a daily reading habit, young minds can be shaped for the future, with empathy, knowledge and awareness for the global society. Reading has been known to factor positive change in societies towards progress, prosperity and leadership. And the more readers we have, the more productive our society, our collective knowledge and culture grows, and we can build bridges through communication with other cultures and civilizations; promoting openness, tolerance and peace." Noura Al Kaabi commented.

The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development calls on all institutions to share their planned initiatives and projects for National Reading Month by filling in the form on:

The UAE has held reading in high regard as a foundation for civilized societies. In 2016, President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued the first-ever National Law of Reading that set legislative frameworks, executive programmes and specific government responsibilities to establish the value of reading in the UAE.  The law aims to support human resources development and contribute to building mental and cognitive capabilities, while support national intellectual production and build knowledge-based societies in the country.