Spending time indoors doesn’t mean people have to be bored. In fact, with the extra time, people can aspire to do great things, including becoming a Guinness World Records™ (GWR) title holder. The global authority on record-breaking, announces a new #GWRChallenge, a weekly record challenge hosted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. The challenge will possibly lead to a new record title holder every week.

Shaddy Gaad, Senior Marketing Manager – GWR MENA said: “With the ongoing changes around the globe, we want everyone to be inspired, have fun, and reach their fullest potential.  That’s why we’re offering online users the opportunity to become a record holder right from their homes!”

Participants can try their hand at the challenges that change from week to week, and all they have to do is follow a simple set of rules for each record. The guidelines are being posted on both GWR English website and its pertaining Arabic one, since they change each week, as a reference for anyone who needs them.

And the best part? All attempts utilize household materials, making this an exciting and accessible record-breaking experience for anyone who wants to try!

There are a few things you can do to ensure your attempt gets recognized and help us verify your record!

1.     One-take videos, no edits or cuts.

2.     Be sure to follow ALL rules.

3.     Tag @GWRArabia on Instagram if you are in MENA, or other GWR accounts globally, and use #GWRChallenge hashtag

4.     Call out the number or score you’ve achieved in your caption.

Every Monday, the #GWRChallenge will conclude and a new record attempt challenge will be announced, while the record holder (if there is one) will be announced at the end of the week.

“On Mondays, we will then declare the newest #GWRChallenge for you to try at home! We’re excited to see your best submissions and can’t wait to see who will become Officially Amazing™!” concluded Gaad.

Source: Guinness World Records