The Zay Initiative, a UK registered non-for-profit organisation, will launch a series of webinars on Tuesday 14th July 2020.  Dr. Reem el Mutwalli, the founder of The Zay Initiative, which was established in 2018 to educate on and celebrate the preservation of Arab heritage, will host five series across the summer and autumn, combining compelling guests and topics twice a month.

"The idea is to engage the audience and introduce them to the field of Arab dress and adornment with a light and entertaining approach", said Dr. El Mutwalli, "to present a narrative that will inform and inspire the audience to support the work in this field and spread the word."

Series No 1: Calendar:

6pm GST, 14th July 2020: “All Change - How Fashion's New Focus 

Will Reignite The Runway”, Lucy Wildman, Fashion Editor/Stylist and Consultant.

6pm GST, 28th July 2020: “Only Dead Fish Go with The Flow”, by Sigrid van Roode, Author / Arab Jewelry Expert.

6pm GST, 11th August 2020: “The Secret Life if Syrian Lingerie” by Rana Salam, Creative Director / Author. 

6pm GST, 25th August 2020: “The Qurans & The Hijab: Fashion or Faith?” by Samina Ali, Author / Curator & Popular Speaker.

Source: Story PR