The Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG) has announced the launch of a virtual campaign titled ‘Happiness from Here’ to raise awareness amongst its cadres of brownies, guides, and senior guides, as well as their mothers, about the importance of following a healthy lifestyle even as they spend more time at home due to current circumstances shaped by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The campaign, designed to instil positive physical and mental behaviours, will be held on the Zoom video conferencing platform and will include a series of discussions, fitness and wellbeing workshops, as well as segments on art, led by experts and specialists in their respective fields.

SGG will post instructions, if any, from each host on SGG’s Instagram @shjgirlguides to benefit the audience.

The series began on Sunday evening with a session titled ‘Happiness Code’. Led by Fatima Ali Al Ali from Irtiqaa Centre Sharjah, the 1-hour session focused on simple techniques to stay positive, happy, and lead a more fulfilling life.

At 6pm on Monday, July 6, nutritionist Shatha Omar from the Health Education Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, will lead a session on ‘Healthy Lifestyles’. She will focus on healthy diets and the importance of physical fitness as well as the necessity of getting adequate sleep to strengthen the immune system. 

‘Inner beauty’, presented by Tasneem Al Naqbi, a mechanical engineer and certified trainer in Neural Programming, will discuss the concept of inner beauty and ways to let it shine by being in the present moment. This session will be held on Tuesday, July 7 at 8pm.

The ‘Happiness from Here’ campaign also includes a series of creative workshops titled, ‘Healthy and Delicious’. Presented in a video format, these will feature exciting healthy recipes of fresh juices that will be posted daily on SGG’s Instagram @shjgirlguides.

In the ‘Fit Hour’ series open for all age groups, a personal trainer will conduct 1-hour physical fitness sessions for five days via Zoom.

‘Education during Corona’ targets mothers and offers advice and consultations on guiding children’s education during the pandemic.

The ‘True Self-love’ session will help viewers discern between self-love and self-interest, enabling them to communicate with their inner voice. Another one titled ‘Interior & Home Organising’ will teach various techniques to make the best use of space with an emphasis on colour aesthetics.

With the ‘Power of Words’, participants will learn the art of choosing the right words when speaking and understand the impact one’s choice of words can have, while ‘Bullet Journaling’ will highlight efficient ways to develop personal organisation skills and achieve one’s goals.  

SGG will post daily, through their social media account, "Instagram", videos and inspirational quotes by Dr. Adel Al-Sajwani, a doctor specializing in family medicine at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and a member of the National Awareness Team Covid-19, and Dr. Najat Al-Zubaidi, a psychiatrist, to highlight the heroes of the first line of defence.

Commenting on the launch of the new campaign, Shaikha Al Shamsi, Manager of SGG, said: “Our goals at SGG have always focused on advancing skills and unleashing the creativity of our members. We are committed to raising a well-informed and resilient generation capable of achieving their goals. We also focus on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, which is more important than ever to ensure the overall wellbeing of our members.”

Source: National Network Communications (NNC)