In an engaging, interactive environment, to discover youth talents, develop their skills and upgrade their expertise and capabilities in various tracks; Sharjah Youth, an affiliate of Rubu' Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, concludes its virtual summer camp programs and workshops, which is held under the title "Let’s Summer".

During the last 3 weeks the camp included a variety of programs and workshops that were implemented through video communication technologies on  "Zoom" platform.

Through Science and Technologies camp that aims to educate and inspire our future scientists, engineers and technologists, the “Alternative Energy” workshop afforded the participants the opportunity to learn the principles of alternative energy to create a better and more sustainable world. In addition to “Designing Android Applications” workshop that allowed them to design interactive applications of which depend on visual content using the MIT App Inventor program, in an enjoyable, interactive and collaborative manner.

In Literature and Languages camp which is designed to provide an intensive experience that goes beyond the more “limited-in-scope” language programs, as in “Art of Poetry and Speech” our participants were able to learn the basics of body language, vocal colouring art, and the triangle of quality of poetry speech and poetry. Moreover, our “Short Story” workshop, gave the participants the opportunity to apply their acquired skills in writing the basic ideas of stories inspired by their imagination using asset of pictures they watched.

In the Arts camp, the "Filmmaking" workshop organized in collaboration with the FUNN – Sharjah Media Arts For Youth and Children, which is a Sharjah-based organization dedicated to support the media arts for young children and the youth in the UAE, aims to encourage the exploration of each participant’s creativity and artistic vision by teaching them the stages of filmmaking for two weeks.

Let’s summer virtual program also included the “Light Room” workshop. The participants were able to develop their skills in image editing and processing, saving images with different sizes that suit different publishing sites, and they mastered the methods of converting low-quality images to high-quality images. In addition, Sharjah youth participant Yousef Al Ali, from Wasit Youth Center, presented art workshop using the lightroom program and explained how the program was used for drawing and printing photos.

In “Sports camp”, the youth learnt the basic principles, technical and legal aspects of many sports such as rugby, futsal, swimming and taekwondo.

As part of the Entrepreneurship camp, participants learned the steps of entrepreneurship through a series of workshops organized in collaboration with Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center “Sheraa”, entitled "How to Start Your Business", which included competition analysis skills, promotion ideas, value creation, and customer understanding.

Source: Sharjah Youth