Abdulla Lutfi, a student of Mawaheb from Beautiful People (Mawaheb), a Dubai-based, non-profit art studio for people of determination 16 and above, is holding his second solo exhibition at Cuadro Gallery, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).Abdulla will be exhibiting a collection of 116 canvases, that will be on display from 16th September 2020 until the end of the October, five days a week Sunday to Thursday 10 am to 7 pm. Abiding by the social distancing rules, the exhibition venue will allow only 12 visitors at a time.

Abdullah is part of a community of adults of determination at Mawaheb and has been a keen artist, with numerous creations and one solo exhibition to his credit. For this exhibition Abdullah has worked on 100 20x20 inch canvases with his creations depicting living a life with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a young Emirati. One of the most striking creations is a 2x2 metres painting of Dubai Expo 2020 site, which is so meticulously detailed that it looks like a professional photographic shot taken from a drone.

Abdullah’s works are mainly in black and white but in one of his creations, which will also be on display at the exhibition, he has depicted Japanese culture and the Japanese artist Yayoyi Kusama. His paintings essentially highlight life in the UAE. Over the years, Abdullah has gained expertise in his art, with his artworks being displayed at Bloomingdale’s in Dubai Mall. He has also worked with Spanish artist Rubin Sanchez on a Dubai artwork, which has been used on a bus. Additionally, in 2018, Abdullah unveiled the first permanent piece created by Mawaheb, which is on display at DXB Terminal 3 – a pop-art-inspired diorama illustrating daily life in Dubai.

Notably, Abdullah’s sketches of the emirate’s skyline dominated by Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa were chosen for a children’s book of illustrations.

Source: Cicero and Bernay