The challenges photographers face during the course of their work and how to overcome them was the topic of discussion at a panel titled ‘Photographers’ Stories’. held yesterday (Thursday), the fourth day of ‘Let’s Have FUNN’, a first of its kind virtual media arts event being organized by FUNN – Sharjah Media Arts for Children and Youth.

Three Emirati photographers - Ahmed Al Zarouni - Photographer and Founder of Dubai Capture, Ola Allouz, and Mona Altamimi - shared their experiences in facing up to key challenges in the online panel moderated by Balqis Sabir  photographer and artist .  The focus was primarily on photography accessories and the techniques employed in shooting an image based on the location and time.

The panellist stressed the importance of photography in documenting events, and its role in introducing photographers to different cultures.

Ahmed Al Zarouni emphasised that photography, like any other art, poses several challenges, depending on the location and time of shooting. He noted that photographers should explore and understand the culture of the place or country they wish to shoot in to avoid any hurdles or issues.

Beginners should learn the basics of the art from professional photographers, before they begin experimenting with camera accessories, advised Al Zarouni. He underscored that a skilled photographer would be able to deliver a beautiful shot even without using quality equipment.

He advised budding photographers to go on trips to develop their photographic skills. They need to explore and learn about the different cultures in other countries and record their lives and happenings on film. This would also enhance their confidence. 

Ola Allouz, who organises photography tours, agreed with Al Zorouni on the challenges that photographers face. She stressed that beginners would benefit from being part of a team on photography tours, which offer a competitive yet positive environment and the opportunity to learn from professionals from various cultures, speaking different languages.

Allouz added that choosing the right camera and accessories was easier now with the advances in technology. She urged beginners to focus on imbibing the culture around them and feeding their intellectual curiosity, which would help them in becoming better photographers

Given her passion for documentary photography and accurate representation of other cultures, Mona Altamimi recommended that photographers prepare themselves fully before travelling abroad. She noted that photographers should understand the culture of the country they were travelling to and be prepared to explore the ideal locations, particularly in nature and wildlife photography. She suggested that they recruit local photographers to lead the team to the best locations and to avoid any risk or danger.

The panel also showcased the outstanding work done by the three panellists to inspire the participants.

Source: National Network Communications (NNC)