The Nation Brand Office of the UAE has officially begun its task of unifying and coordinating the message of promoting the UAE’s capabilities to the rest of the world. The new office, which falls under the umbrella of Public Diplomacy Office in the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, also released the official guidelines for the use of the Nation Brand with the launch of its new website portal:

The Nation Brand Office, which holds strategic partnerships with stakeholders and authorities, aims to strengthen cooperation between the government and private sectors to enhance the reputation of the UAE. It is also responsible for building cooperation mechanisms with academic and research institutions in the country, as well as managing and implementing media and promotional campaigns to ensure that the message of a unified brand is consistent with the seven emirates.

The establishment of the new office came after the recent launch of the Nation Brand initiative which saw more than 10.6 million people from all over the globe choose the “Seven Lines” design to represent the nation going forwards.

The “Seven Lines” logo embodies the UAE’s unique narrative to the world: a symbol of ambition, achievement, openness, diversity and hope. The “Seven Lines” represent the evolution of the seven emirates in shaping the modern roadmap of the UAE along with the colours of the nation’s flag.

Highlighting the UAE’s success story

His Excellency Saeed Al Eter, Director-General of the Public Diplomacy Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, stressed that establishing the Nation Brand Office will enhance efforts to highlight the UAE’s success story to the world and make the logo and its symbolic meanings an inherent part of the country’s image locally, regionally and internationally.

His Excellency added: “The UAE Nation Brand aims to narrate the UAE’s story to the world, boost the country’s positive image on the global scale, and enhance its position globally by highlighting its unique experience that seeks to enable people, provide constant learning and development, ensure sustainable growth, and emphasize cooperation and partnership.”

Building Strategic Partnerships

Alia Al Hammadi, Assistant Director General at Public Diplomacy Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future said: “The Nation Brand Office will focus in the coming period on building strategic partnerships with many entities in social, economic and cultural sectors that are represented by the UAE since the country acts as an Arab and international gate that welcomes global talents with a future-shaping vision, and that is a fertile land for creative ideas and relentless ambitions.” 

Al Hammadi pointed out that the unprecedented interest in voting to choose the UAE Nation Brand’s design, demonstrated a widespread interest and optimism in the UAE from all corners of the earth. He further noted that, in line with the nation’s message of hope, tolerance and openness to the world, 10.6 million trees will be planted by the UAE in areas affected by climate change as part of the country’s pledge to plant one tree for each vote.

The Only Official Reference

The Nation Brand Office, which started operations with immediate effect, is the only official reference for using the logo. The office will release guidelines and applications to all sectors and entities, with the guideline on using the logo and the design to be available via the UAE Nation Brand’s website

Other responsibilities of the office include monitoring the value of the unified brand, setting strategies and initiatives for the unified brand’s activities to all local and federal government entities, and supporting the implementation of the unified brand in all seven emirates.

Starting with its first project, the Nation Brand Office will organise workshops with private and public sector entities to introduce the UAE Nation Brand, its applications, and create partnerships that portray the UAE’s inspirational story to the world.

The office also plans to cooperate with a number of partners from government and semi-government sectors and the private sector in economic, tourism, cultural and sports fields to help tell the UAE’s inspirational story. 

Make it Happen

The “The Seven Lines” UAE Nation Brand combines with its accompanying slogan “Nothing is impossible” in Arabic, and which is translated to “Make it Happen” in English, to produce a the sentiment of unlimited aspiration that the world associates with the UAE. The message conveys the vision of the UAE’s leadership and the nature of the ambitious, forward-thinking projects launched by the country since its foundation in 1971.

The “Seven Lines” Nation Brand in the shape of the Emirates map embodies all the values that the national project aspires to express and represent, the values of unity, unification and cooperation to form an unprecedented development experience, as the logo expresses the union of the seven Emirates and its seven founding leaders, in close lines that indicate solidarity and cohesion, and escalates to present the UAE limitless aspirations.

Furthermore, the Nation Brand’s design and its slogan “Make it Happen” aims to convey the UAE’s message to the world as an inspiring success story and an ongoing achievement workshop that celebrates creativity, enables talents, creates the future and transforms challenges into opportunities and do not believe in the impossible.

Nation Brand Phases

Last November, the Nation Brand’s  journey began with the announcement of launching a national project to create and design a logo that reflects the UAE’s Nation Brand, and embodies the country’s humanitarian and cultural values, its historical heritage and its economic, social and human development achievements, and presents the UAE exceptional story and distinct experience the world as an inspiring cross-border vision and cultures, and a home to opportunities, dreams, aspirations and accomplishments that do not recognise the impossible and stand before the challenges.

A total of 49 artists from different artistic disciplines, from all seven emirates, were invited to design and create the Nation Brand as part of an overarching national workshop under the title of ‘The Inspiring 49’. The artists were divided into seven groups to create a selection of distinct designs that combine creative content and artistic design by telling the inspiring story, For the “Emirates”.

Following the completion, the proposed designs and the consensus on three options that were the most distinguished and embodied the values of the UAE, namely the “Emirates in Arabic Fonts” and “The Palm” and “Seven Lines” in mid-December 2019, an open invitation was extended to people from all over the world to participate in the open vote on choosing the design of the UAE Nation Brand, in a move that granted a global human dimension the national project , and affirmed the values of tolerance, openness and partnership that the UAE and its leadership celebrate so that the design of the “Seven Lines” will win the majority of the participants ’votes, and it will be formally adopted.

Source: Public Diplomacy Office