The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development launches the second phase of the National Creative Relief Program to support creatives in the cultural and creative industries sector, with the aim of providing financial grants ranging between 15,000 -75,000 dirhams for independent creatives and small creative companies with less than 10 employees, in addition to a new category for company’s that employ between 10-20 people.

The National Creative Relief Program will receive applications from 1 to 14 July through the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development:

Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development announced that the National Creative Relief Program achieved important results in the first stage by providing direct financial support to 87 creatives and companies, where the financial grant covered 100% of the monthly average financial commitment for individual creatives, and 70% of small companies’ financial liabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many challenges and opportunities in the creative sector which we are currently studying to implement policies that will enable the growth of this sector and enhance its readiness and ability to respond to changes and developments.

“We continue to study the cultural and creative industries sectors and their vulnerability due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, where we saw an urgent need to launch a second stage of the program and include a category of companies with 10-20 employees. We increased the financial value of the grant to a maximum of 75,000 dirhams in order to maintain the sustainability of these companies, and ensure their growth and development in the creative market to drive the process of cultural development and knowledge sharing that comes at the forefront of the UAE’s development pillars,” Noura Al Kaabi said. “The creative sector is the most resilient and powerful in the region, thanks to the close cooperation between different institutions that enrich the cultural scene in the country and ensure the competitiveness of the creative economy in the UAE. Many creative communities have provided support programs and economic incentives to encourage entrepreneurs and creatives to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.”

The applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a specialized committee and according to a specific criteria which include size of loss, the amount of financial setback, and the production of creative content in the UAE during 2019, to ensure that the support reaches those who are most affected. All UAE residents and citizens who meet the criteria can apply for the financial grant.

The cultural and creative industry areas covered by the program are the following:

-          Natural and Cultural Heritage: museums, monuments and historical places, natural heritage, cultural education, intangible cultural heritage

-          Performing arts and celebrations: performing arts, music, festivals and exhibitions

-          Visual arts and crafts: fine arts, photography, crafts and reproduction

-          Books and journalism: writing, books and magazines, archives, libraries.

-          Audio and interactive media: films, design and services, video, television and radio, interactive media, electronic games.