Dubai Customs has introduced Positivity Platforms initiative in a bid to educate and raise its staff’s awareness during the coronavirus pandemic.

The move comes as part of the organization’s steadfast commitment towards human resources development and education. The initiative has so far carried out 7 virtual lectures and workshops on divers topics, including organizational happiness, positive energy, crisis leadership, nutrition and mental health. Around 800 employees benefited from this program, and the target is to reach 1000 participants in 10 lectures by the end of December 2020.  

The initiative is aimed at fostering happy and positive corporate culture within Dubai Customs’ working environment where staff are delighted, productive, loyal, confident in their abilities, optimistic and having the positive energy to actively contribute to shaping the UAE’s next fifty years.  

The lectures were facilitated by leading public figures who addressed critical organizational matters and themes, such as ‘Changes to government work and how to cope with them’ lecture presented by Dr. Ali Al Marri, CEO of Mohammed bin Rashid Scholl of Government; ‘Lessons from the leader in happiness and positivity’ delivered by Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chairman of Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University; and ‘Keys to happiness and positivity in times of crisis’ by the renowned media personality Fahad Haikal, besides other various education and health topics.

Commenting on the initiative, Mohammed Al Ghafari, Executive Director of Human Resources Division at Dubai Customs, said: “We strive to fulfil and implement the vision and guidance of our wise leadership, which considers people’s happiness as a top priority. Therefore, Dubai Customs places utmost attention to enhancing employee happiness and ensuring highest levels of productivity and efficiency at work to deliver on our mission of   protecting society and supporting economic growth.”

Eman Taher, Manager, Corporate Culture, pointed out that promoting a working environment that is conducive to continuous learning and development is a pillar of our corporate culture at Dubai Customs, so as to ensure the highest levels of job happiness and harmony for the workforce. “As such, we made sure that the program of lectures and workshops conducted under the Positivity Platforms initiative are as varied and up-to-date as to enrich employees learning experience and help with their self-development, which positively impacts their quality of performance in customs work.

Source: Dubai Customs