As part of Dubai Customs’ keenness to educate customers and introduce them to the processes being followed in determining customs value in accordance with the global standards and practices and relevant international agreements, the Customs Valuation Department launched Customs Horizons initiative to communicate the rules, procedures and methods applied to assess the value of declared commercial goods with a view to identifying Customs duties to be levied on these goods. This process ensures collection of duties with high transparency in a way that preserves government revenues and achieves fairness for customers as to ensure accurate calculation of duty on their cargos.

The new initiative consists in posting weekly tips and information aimed at raising awareness of the valuation processes, using social media channels to ensure that they reach the largest possible segment of customers, employees and the public.

The goal of the initiative is to enhance communication and engagement with customers and reinforce Dubai Customs’ organizational capabilities towards sustaining the competitive advantage of Dubai through delivery of integrated, transparent and clear valued-added customs and trade services.

Eman Badr Al Suwaidi, Director of Customs Valuation Department, said: “We are committed to strengthening partnership with our customers and the public by providing handy information on the valuation of goods for the purpose of determining customs duties. This is to enhance customer happiness by acquainting them with the mechanisms we follow to determine customs value in full transparency and clarity.”

She added that the Customs Horizons initiative has been developed to meet customer requirements and their need to be aware of the criteria and bases upon which goods are assessed and valuated in order to accurately calculate customs fees and duties, finalize transactions without delay and expedite the movement of goods into the UAE markets.”

The Customs Valuation Department will continue to develop the services provided to customers on par with the latest international standards and practices to ensure that they get the best benefits and encourage others to choose Dubai as a destination for their business operations and investment activities, affirmed Al Suwaidi.


Source: Dubai Customs