The management of Souq Al Haraj of the Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of Sharjah Government, recently held a meeting at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) premises to discuss a number of proposals and initiatives aimed at strengthening car trade in light of Covid-19 and ensuring the provision of the best services for dealers and owners of car showrooms, as well as community members and those interested in the world of cars.

Present at the meeting were Majed Al Mualla, Director of Souq Al Haraj, Amjad Awad al Karim, Head of the Sectoral Business Groups Department, Khaled Omar Mohammed Batarfi, Chairman of the representative committee of the Car Trade Sector Business Group, and a number of group members and representatives of car dealership owners.

The meeting touched on the importance of organizing cars selling through the authorized channels and the reliance on the standard contract, in addition to discussing the mechanism for issuing Souq Al Haraj card for dealerships staff and the attestation of leases contracts.

Majed Al Mualla said: “We have discussed numerous ideas and proposals to ensure the continuity of this business and to develop the services for the better. This comes as part of our endeavors to become among the first places in terms of the distinction of services provided to dealers, dealership owners, and customers.”

The representative committee of the Car Trade Sector Business Group aims primarily to make it easier for dealership owners, whether by fulfilling their demands or by urging them to put forward new thoughts and insights to develop the performance of the Souq and to help them achieve more returns on their investments.

Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director, SCCI Economic Relations and Marketing, said: “This meeting falls within a series of periodic meetings the SCCI is keen to hold with its business sectoral groups with the aim of exchanging views and proposals between the representatives of these groups and then raising the recommendations to the concerned parties in the emirate, so as to scale up the business environment and enhance the competitiveness of different sectors.”

Al Jarwan underscored the SCCI’s commitment to supporting the car trade sector in every way possible, owing to the importance of this sector in Sharjah. This stems from SCCI’s vision to defend the interests of Sharjah’s business community to maintain its progress and prosperity.

Khaled Omar Mohammed Batarfi praised the efforts of Sharjah Asset Management, as well as the SCCI’s important role as an advocate for the business community and its relentless efforts to tackle all challenges facing the car trade sector.

The attendees commended the developed infrastructure in Souq Al Haraj and simple procedures for buying and selling used cars, stressing that this would help reinforce the position of the Souq locally and regionally and support the car trade sector as well.

Source: MISBAR Communications