Dubai Customs has 39 initiatives and events under the “Al Furdah Innovates 2021” that are ready to launch in the upcoming UAE Innovation Month in Dubai (21-27 Feb). The events will address all categories, so there will be 6 events for the clients, 9 events for the partners, 19 events for the employees and 5 events for the society at large.

“Innovation has turned into an essential component in Dubai Customs’ work environment. Our services and operations are continuously developing and improving in accordance with our vision of adopting the best world practices to consolidate Dubai’s position as a global trade hub,” said Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs. “The challenges posed by the spread of covid-19, which has rapidly swept across the world during the last year, necessitated innovative technology be put in place to attain quick recovery and be able to facilitate trade in what has been a testing time for all.”

Musabih added; “This year, our initiatives at the Innovation Month will be diverse to ensure they target as many people and stakeholders as possible with the aim of spreading the culture of innovation in our society. This year’s initiatives will have a distinctive flavor as they coincide with the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.”

Dubai Customs initiatives will include the launch of the “First Innovation Contest” in which the customs departments, along with the clients and suppliers, will compete to introduce best innovations that will help improve customs procedures and services. Shawir (consult) Platform will also be launched during the week through which employees can receive credible consultations on how to register patents and knowledge assets. The second International Innovation Forum will be organized, and there will be a brainstorming workshop on virtual inspection and smart gates, and a session on Hope Probe in cooperation with Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre.

Source: Dubai Customs

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