IPR Department at Dubai Customs recycled 113,000 counterfeit items for 13 brands, with a market value of AED750,000 as part of their efforts in combating piracy and supporting sustainable development. Recycling helps brand owners get rid of copied products without affecting the environment.

The items included different types of bags, clothes, mobile phones, headphones, and cosmetics. The recycled goods will be used to make other materials.

The recycling operation took place in the presence of representatives of the American, German, South Korea, UK and French diplomatic missions and consulates, with the help of inspectors from Cargo Village and Jebel Ali Customs Centers and employees of Dispute Section of the IPR Department.

Recycling took 4 days to finish, from 12 to 15 September 2021.

“The IPR Department works closely with different partners to curb counterfeiting in line with TRIPS agreement,” said Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of IPR Department The damage caused by counterfeit goods to the economy, environment and even perhaps our overall quality of life should be something of a given for most people. Perhaps Intellectual Property rights-holders are those most likely to feel the true pinch of this rogue industry, but when one considers the big picture it becomes clear that everyone is liable to be affected by counterfeiting and piracy.”

 Mubarak said the recycled counterfeit goods will be put to good use by turning them into useful materials.

“With this we kill two birds with one stone: Protecting society from the hazards of counterfeiting and recycling them to conserve resources and protect the environment,” he said.  

Source: Dubai Customs

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