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This year’s G20 summit hosted by our brotherly neighbor Saudi Arabia is taking place in unprecedented circumstances, with the Covid-19 pandemic creating a renewed emphasis on the need for countries to work together and embrace stronger international cooperation. The unforeseen coronavirus outbreak is likely to mean that achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in particular SDG2 – ‘Zero Hunger’ - by 2030 is a target that might have to be recalibrated. As a consequence, food security is now more than ever an area where it is imperative that international collaboration is scaled up, especially as ensuring global food security is a prerequisite for meeting the entire Agenda 2030.

Hanadi Saleh Al Yafei, Director of the Child Safety Department (CSD), a subsidiary of Sharjah's Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA), empasised that on World Children's Day, CSD renews its commitment to its goals of raising community awareness on all aspects of child safety including how to protect them from abuse and exploitation, and raise them in a  safe, stable and nurturing family environment.

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