Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), the educational arm of Dubai Land Department (DLD), has announced that it is organising an advanced executive course under the title of ‘Global Real Estate Development Strategies and Negotiation Skills’ in collaboration with Harvard University's Faculty of Design at the beginning of May.

Mahmoud El Burai, Executive Director of DREI, commented: “DREI has strengthened its position within a relatively short period of time and has become one of the region’s leading training centres. One of our important achievements is our ability to communicate and establish notable relations with the world's largest and most influential universities, including Harvard University. Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to attract professionals to Dubai and train them to become the drivers of the real estate industry. Building on our initial Harvard course, we aim to organise more executive courses over the coming three years to provide experts with all the necessary skills to thrive in this sector.”

The two-day ‘Global Real Estate Development Strategies and Negotiation Skills’ programme will be held on 3rd and 4th May and allow students to learn the ‘beyond the real estate cycle’ theory, which will help them to anticipate upcoming trends and make the right investment decisions based thereon.

The programme lecturers will focus on a range of other topics including negotiation skills and how to secure successful and credible international transactions, preparing sound strategic plans for real estate investments in international markets, and developing financial models to create accurate pricing forecasts.

The programme will also address the different intercultural communication techniques and negotiation skills required for global business activities, and highlight the historical factors that affect real estate investments around the world.

El Burai added: “The programme is one of the advanced executive courses offered by Harvard University in association with DREI, and focuses on providing students with a solid grounding in strategic planning for real estate investment and financing. At the end of the course, participants will have acquired a wider understanding of real estate structures, as well as their principles and influencing factors, and the importance of negotiating for the success of real estate strategies.”

DREI regularly hosts training courses in collaboration with Harvard University and is widely recognised by various leading real estate professionals and organisations. One of the most notable courses held to date is ‘Building Smart Cities in the Digital Age’, which was launched by DREI last November.


About Dubai Land Department:

Dubai Land Department (DLD) was found in May 1960 to establish the most prominent real estate sector in the Middle East and in the world.

DLD provides outstanding services to all its customers whilst developing the necessary legislation to propel the real estate sector in Dubai, organizing and promoting real estate investment, and spreading industry knowledge. DLD seeks regional and worldwide innovation in real estate with the aid of its active organizations that include: Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the regulatory arm, Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center, the investment arm, Dubai Real Estate Institute, the educational arm, and Rental Dispute Center, the judicial arm.

Unified Toll Free Number:

In order for Dubai Land Department to provide the best possible service in a rapid manner and to ensure the comfort and happiness of our customers, it has activated a new toll-free call centre number [8004488]. This can be used for all Dubai Land Department and Rental Disputes Center enquiries.


Source: Cicero and Bernay