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The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water’s Dams Department has announced the opening of gates to release water retained in dams located in the Wadi Shoka, Al Qushaish and Al Kassa in the central region, following heavy to moderate summer rains in Ras Al Khaimah in July. The gates of the dams were opened in the presence of H.E. Sultan Bin Alwan Al Habsi, Assistant Undersecretary for Region sector, and Ghareeb Obaid AlMutawwa, Director of Central Region Department. The move comes in coordination with the Ras Al Khaimah Public Works and Services Department and Al Maneei police station.


H.E. Bin Alwan said that the opening of the dam gates to drain water has enabled the spreading of accumulated rainwater over the largest possible areas located behind the dams. This will help in feeding the aquifers and enhance their quality as well as benefit the rocky areas behind the dams from the trapped rainwater in the dams’ gully ponds.

“The entire procedure is in accordance with the technical requirements, world-class standards, and the best international practices in opening water exits in dams and barriers, following floods and the accumulation of rainwater in the lakes. The practice of releasing water over the areas located behind the dam can be beneficial in feeding water-bearing ground. This serves the strategic objective of the Ministry of Environment and Water in ensuring water security and preserving the environment as well as supporting its initiative of increasing the reach and sustainability of efficient rain water harvests and enhancing water inventory,” Alwan added.

According to the Ministry, the Shoka Valley dam stored 275,000 cubic meters, while the Al Qushaish Valley dam accumulated 105,000 cubic meters and the Al Kassa dam collected 10,000 cubic meters in July 2015. The total estimated amount of rainwater from these dams was around 390,000 cubic meters, equivalent to 86 million gallons.

The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water’s operational plan for 2014-2016 includes an ambitious project to maintain and enhance the operational efficiency of dams and water installations in the UAE. The periodic maintenance of the dams, water channels and installations, including 101 dams, barriers and reservoirs under the supervision of the Ministry, was completed in March 2014 in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Public Works. The Ministry also completed the development and renovation of Falaj Philly to take advantage of the rainwater harvested in reservoirs Philly 2. The water is transferred from the Falaj channels to the Philly area.

In addition, the Ministry has developed Falaj Al Mualla in Umm Al Quwain, leveraging the rainwater harvested in Falaj Al Mualla Lake and water transferred from the Falaj channels to the heritage area to irrigate palm plantations. In line with the initiatives of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, the Ministry has taken the responsibility of developing over eight (8) new dams, barriers and lakes in the Sakamkam region in Al-Fujairah in order to preserve water resources and protect the region from the risk of floods.


Source: Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications