Dubai Customs is ready to welcome visitors arriving through Dubai International Airport to spend the Eid Al Fitr Holiday. DC undertook a series of measures to facilitate the entry of travellers to Dubai International's three terminals and Al Maktoum Airport terminal, including maintaining collaboration with operating airlines to handle any obstacles or potential increase in passenger numbers and scheduling or reducing annual leaves of airport customs inspectors as needed. Customs preparations included conducting inspector training sessions to boost their inspection and greet-and-meet skills as well as the instalment of advanced baggage/handbag screening devices.

To this end, Dubai Customs increased the number of customs officers to 205 inspectors who work around the clock to streamline the process. Also the number of scanning devices was raised to 77 devices.

Commenting on this, Ibrahim Kamali, Director of passenger operations at Dubai Customs said:” It’s a high season here in Dubai. Increasing numbers of tourists are expected to visit Dubai in the coming few days. In order to provide a world class service to our visitors without compromising the security side, Dubai Customs will use the latest and most advanced technologies and tools to facilitate the passenger traffic”.

He added: “Dubai receives tourists and visitors from more than 200 nationalities. Each of these has its own traditions and culture, and this urges us to train on how best to deal with different people. This includes more training to our customs officers in the airport terminals”.


Source: Dubai Customs