The Sharjah Police Headquarters, in cooperation with Emirates Auction, the leading company in the field of management and organization of public and online auctions in the Middle East, launched the sale of 110 distinguished vehicle number plates through the company’s Direct Sale online service.

The new batch of number plates, which were launched by Sharjah Police Recently, include 67 four-digit number plates and 43 five-digit number plates from category 3. Number plates can be bought directly through the platform located in the Vehicles and Drivers’ Licensing Department at Sharjah Police, or through the company's website and its smartphone application.

The distinguished vehicle number plates offered in the package vary in their prices, which can range from Dh2,000 to Dh8,500. Among the most prominent number plates available in the sale are the numbers (1180), (1231), (2423), (3530), (3599), (5848), (4950), (9910), (9911), (86688), (20040), (20777), (33044), (75050), and tens of other distinguished numbers.

HE Colonel Ali Bualzod, Director of Vehicles and Drivers' Licensing Department at Sharjah Police, stated that the launch of this new batch of distinguished vehicle number plates is due to the keenness of Sharjah Police to satisfy customers and enthusiasts of unique number plates, as well as to continuously work to raise the level of the police services offered.

Bualzod stated that the adoption of the direct sale service, which is offered through the Emirates Auction website, or through its online application, is due to the previous success of this service, which witnessed remarkable demand and customer satisfaction during the previous online direct sales that were launched by both sides.

HE Omar Matar Al Mannaei, Executive Director of Emirates Auction, said, “We are proud of our strategic partnership with the Sharjah Police Headquarters, and with our continuous cooperation with the Vehicles and Drivers' Licensing Department to organize public and online auctions, and offer the Direct Sale online service using the best innovative practices. We expect that this new batch of number plates will attract a large number of customers and enthusiasts who would like to acquire distinguished number plates for their vehicles.”

The distinguished number plates, which are offered through the Direct Sale service, can be viewed and bought directly through the company's website or by downloading its smartphone application through “Google Play” or the “Apple Store.” Number plates can also be bought by visiting the Emirates Auction customer service center that is located in the Traffic Management Building at Al Ramtha Area in Sharjah.


Source: MISBAR Communications