On Connect the World, CNN’s John Defterios spoke to the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Al Gergawi.

During the interview Al Gergawi spoke about how some global governments have “failed to respond the people” and that global change is not being driven by government but rathe by the “younger blood in the private sector.

Speaking in the UAE, Al Gergawi explains how change in inevitable and warns governments to “either you catch up or you’re going to be behind.”

Al Gergawi also explains how future jobs in the UAE will not only be technology based. He tells CNN how the country needs more “creativity.”

Key Quotes:

On the private sector:

“The private sector reinvented themselves, you have younger blood in the private sector. They understand customer service, they understand product, they create new ideas every day. Government for the last 200 terms has been in the same place. I think this is the time to reinvent the government, the services, and product and also the structuring of government needs to be reinvented.”

On short-term governments:

“A lot of governments have failed to respond to the people. Government has to be people-centric, this is very important. Government that court in the four year term so there is no long term plan, no long term vision and everybody’s looking under their feet and what we’re doing at the World Government summit is disrupting the normal thinking of government. We are telling them, look at the future, the future is going to change: either you catch up or you’re going to be behind.”

On future change:

“We would like to shock governments – change will happen very fast. In the next ten years, a lot of things will change. Either you are part of the game as a government or you are out of it, but I think there is moral responsibility for government – we have 7 billion – that’s the global citizen. They ought to have better service, we need tO think about their future, we need to take care of their job.”

On the ability of humans to adapt to change:

“Humans are capable of adopting and creating new job. The job of the future would be IT or technology only, I think we need more artists, we need more creativity. I think the future will be based on jobs that will create ideas.”


Source: Ketchum Raad