Sharjah Second Electronic Auction for Vanity Plate Numbers has recorded ground-breaking success, closing on AED 16,483,000 in revenue, with a 49% increase over its first edition. The auction, organized by Sharjah Police in collaboration with Emirates Auction from November 20th till December 2nd, 2016, attracted the attention of bidders from across the UAE and beyond, and saw heated competition until the very last second before its closure at 9.00 PM last Friday.


The electronic auction saw the participation of over 620 bidders from the UAE and beyond, taking part in over 7000 bids on unique plate numbers. The auction was also viewed by over 450,000 people via Emirate Auction’s mobile app and website.

The auction witnessed intense bidding on 150 vanity plate numbers, including one single digit number (2), and four two-digit numbers: (11), (21), (33), and (63), in addition to 61 5-digit numbers.

The first edition of the electronic auction was held last October, recording AED 11,015 million, with 537 bidders and 390,000 viewers.

The single-digit number recorded the highest bids, closing on AED 2,650,000, followed by the number (11) recording AED 2 million, (21) recording AED 1,115,000, and (33) recording AED 1,755,000. The two-digit (63) number recorded AED 880,000.

The highest bid on three-digit numbers went to plate number (999), which recorded AED 901,000. While the four-digit plate number (7000) was sold for AED 225,500, and AED 602,500 for the five-digit plate number (77777).

HE Brigadier Saif Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, expressed thanks to all bidders, wishing them all the success. He also hailed the auction’s strategic partner Emirates Auction for their great role in the success of this event.

 “The success achieved by the second edition of the electronic auction, in accordance with goals set forth by Sharjah Police, especially those pertaining to customer’s happiness and the quality of service provided to them, proves once more our ability to work in line with the highest international standards in excellence and innovation,” AL Shamsi said.

For his part, HE Abdulla Matar Al Mannaei, Chairman of Emirates Auction, expressed his delight with the outcome of the auction, saying that “the great participation we saw at the auction from the UAE and abroad indicates our success in fulfilling the auction’s goal of availing opportunities for all interested people to take part in the auction, by means of our smart apps, regardless to their geographic location.”

Praising the great reception by the public, Al Mannaei said: “Our smart apps recorded interest in 3139 numbers, via the special feature that allows the audience to request numbers they wish to own to be involved in future auctions.”

“We are very proud of the strategic partnership with Sharjah Police, which comes within the public-private partnerships scope, especially in providing smart and innovative services, aiming at public benefit and employing the most advanced technology for the welfare of the UAE,” Al Mannaei added.

He also encouraged those who are interested in participating in auctions -organized by Emirates Auction- to sign up on the company’s website, or download the “Emirates Auction” app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Users can then register their interest to take part in any auction. All app users will be automatically enrolled in a draw to win a brand new 2017 BMW, while those who register for auctions will enter the draw for a 2016 Bentley. The draw on both cars will take place on December 17th.


Source: MISBAR Communication