The Ministry of Environment and Water recently met with a delegation of senior leaders from the Kingdom of Bahrain at its Dubai headquarters where they discussed the UAE’s actions and policies in various key environmental issues. The visit comes at a time when the combined efforts of the Ministry and local authorities have significantly contributed to the country’s improved global rankings on both the Global Competitiveness Index and the Environmental Performance Index. The UAE’s standing on the Environmental Performance Index went up from 152 in 2010 to 25h in 2014. Out of the 178 countries, the UAE was the top-ranked state in the Middle East and North Africa regions as well as in terms of the number of marine-protected areas.  

Dubai Smart Government Department (DSG) has launched the Android version of its smart app, mJobs, on Google Play Store. Now customers can access the iPhone and Android versions from their respective stores.

The Ministry of Environment and Water recently organized a field visit to the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi to get an overview of best practices and procedures in the field of air quality in the UAE.  The team from the Ministry evaluated the joint study carried out by the institute, which monitors air quality via satellite technology. The visit is in line with the Ministry’s initiatives to meet national indicators targeted by UAE Vision 2021 to ensure a sustainable environment.

In line with the strategic mission of promoting the health of the individual and society by providing them with comprehensive and distinctive services in a sustainable healthy environment, the UAE Ministry of Health’s Hospital Sector has recently launched ‘Hospitals and Health Clinics Assessment Program.’ The initiative aims to improve the level of healthcare services provided in hospitals and clinics in line with the international standards and best practices.

The Ministry of Environment and Water has organized a workshop at the office of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority to raise awareness on the set standards being implemented in veterinary facilities related to livestock. The meeting aimed to strengthen the national capacities and enhance the procedures and requirements for the monitoring and evaluation of veterinary facilities. It was also developed to ensure that the relevant laws are being followed in order to enhance and safeguard the country’s bio-security measures.