In a humanitarian gesture to bring relieving smiles to sick and wounded children in war-struck regions; The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) takes  up regular medical camps where volunteering doctors fly from all over the world to treat children and train local medical staff..


Serving as a surgeon at the Oasis Hospital in Al Ain, Dr. Tariq Shadid took up the noble cause on behalf of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and was deputed at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah. In charge of treating injured patients from gunshots and other traumatic attacks in the West Bank, Dr. Shadid spent a whole week at the medical camp, cheering lives.

Sharing his experiences Dr. Shadid said; “It is quite agonizing to witness innocent lives go through an upheaval of pain and emotional trauma when a man-made calamity strikes. As a doctor I feel determined and committed towards this cause. It provides immense satisfaction and holds true to the ethos of medical profession. In fact the children’s winning smiles when they overcome their injuries and mental trauma is the greatest payback anyone can ask for and I look forward to treating as many as I can.” Reiterating his commitment towards ushering in happiness through every form, Dr. Shadid has also volunteered as an artist under the name, ‘Doc Jazz’ for PCRF in the past.

Keeping the relief-efforts alive, Little Wings Foundation (LWF)  took up an orthopaedic mission in Gaza in association with PCRF.  A six-member team of doctors and nurses from LWF in Dubai volunteered to serve in terms of orthopaedic surgeries for children in need. Led by surgeon Dr. Marc Sinclair, the team included surgeon Dr. Levan Kajaia, Ramallah-based anaesthesiologist Dr. Hasan Ismael, nurses Gillian Beale and Abbey Lee, and coordinator Seonaid Biagioni. The PCRF has worked with LWF for many years, both in helping arrange their missions locally, and sending children to the UAE for care that they otherwise would not get locally. 

The PCRF is committed to address the medical and humanitarian crisis facing  children and youth in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and other conflict areas in the Middle East,  and does not discriminate based on religion, gender, nationality and sect.


Source: Matrix Public Relations