Committed to offering hope and a light of humanity to war-struck children in the region; the PCRF, a non-political, non-profit, humanitarian relief organization, identified Mahmoud Al-Najjar, an 18 year old boy from Hebron, Palestine, to extend their help in treating him with specialized surgeries.


In 2003 Mahmoud was injured after a vehicle ran over him and was then admitted in a local hospital
where he spent two months in the ICU. Mahmoud underwent three major surgeries for skin grafting before he was discharged. Unfortunately with all the scars, Mahmoud wasn’t able to lead a normal life and he dropped out of school  as it was too difficult for him to share bench-space with his classmates while having his facial deformation condition. With a genuine intention to normalize Mahmoud’s life with high-end skin cosmetology treatment and advanced skin sciences, the PCRF took interest in Mahmoud’s case.

With PCRF’s efforts Mahmoud arrived in Dubai on Nov. 9th and has begun his first stage of treatment dealing with fat harvesting procedure. To further enhance his skin appearances, this treatment will be followed by fat grafting treatment. The entire treatment schedule and procedure is being supervised and performed by expert-led team at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Dubai.  After these initial stages in his treatment, Mahmoud will return to the country for another stage of treatment at the Neuro Spinal Hospital.

Extending its support to overall health and wellness of children, the PCRF has thoughtfully formed a support group of volunteers for Mahmoud who accompany him for his doctor appointments and also engage him in stimulating activities to help him rebuild confidence. Speaking about this initiative Yara Al Saleh-UAE Chapter president said; “2015 was a year of even greater challenges and the PCRF is growing to better respond to the basic human needs of children in Palestine and the region. We endeavour to help every child like Mahmoud in the region and get them medical care or other humanitarian aid regardless of their religion, nationality, creed or ethnicity. Thanks to our active volunteers, we are proud to be a grassroots organization that’s privately funded and gives volunteers a chance to use their desire to help children on a basic human level along with an opportunity to make a positive difference. We aspire to grow and better our services with every chance that comes by.”

The PCRF continues to provide thousands of children with free medical care and humanitarian aid that they otherwise would not have access to due to the political and economic forces. The PCRF has received a 4 star rating, for the fourth consecutive year, by the Charity Navigator, America's premier charity evaluator, for sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency.


Source: Matrix Public Relations