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Streamlining its efforts towards commissioning projects for the betterment of man-made calamities struck children in war-torn regions; Palestine Children’s Relief Fund extended its support to help Rawan this March.


Hailing from Jenin Camp in Palestine, Rawan had suffered burns from a domestic accident when an infant. The aftermath of the accident had been so much so that Rawan was unable to do even the simplest of daily tasks comfortably thus hindering her routine and affecting her life tremendously. Her large family that included five siblings and her mother with no stable income made it even difficult for her to afford a treatment for this agony.

After PCRF’s concerned intervention to address to her medical needs, Rawan underwent several surgeries under its expert supervision and was last treated in Dubai in 2006. In time for her scheduled cosmetic surgery, Rawan has now returned to Dubai after a gap of 10 years and will be treated at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

“I cannot express enough this new-born feeling that will allow me to live my life freely and confidently!” said Rawan.

 “Rawan is a difficult case of burn who was treated several times in the past with skin grafting and flap rotations. The treatment I will provide is aiming to restore the right softness to the burned skin and make it even where it is depressed. The procedure is innovative since we will use mesenchymal stem cell to enhance the quality of the skin and stabilize the volume of fat transferred. The procedure will see also a reshape of the left breast and left axilla which are the most damaged areas. In the future some tissue expanders will be needed in order to extend the normal skin and cover the burned area.” Said Dr. Matteo Vigo from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

PCRF is collaborating with Namshi- an online retail company to provide free wardrobe makeover to Rawan, and photoshooting session as part of their CSR policy. Rawan and her mother are currently staying with an Australian host family during the treatment period. 

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is a non-political, non-profit entity that addresses to the medical and humanitarian crisis faced by youth and children in the Middle East.


Source: Matrix Public RElations